A Tragedy

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Alright so nobody knows what happened there... There is a suspect in between friends, but who's the real killer? :o What to fix, what to take, what to add, What do YOU think.... let me know!!!


To be honest, I'm having a hard time figuring out what's going on in there. Could you post the design on its own?

Also... I could use imput.


Alright so here is a bigger version and a bit of more explaining on what this design is... The characters are supposed to be just like that, they are the kind of "special friends" with "special" needs... Somehow there have been A Tragedy, and everyone is in suspense @.@


Hope this helps everyone understand the design better :P


Ok... So. What I would do:

-Remove the background stuff for now. It's cluttering up the already-colorful design. -Remove the text. The concept needs to be made clear by the design, not a caption. -Make the blue character as recognizable as the yellow duckie and the pink raccoon. -Place the three suspects on the same plane. -Place the victim in the front. -Make it more obvious that the suspects are blaming one another.

Again, that's just what I would do.


Thank you for your feedback, I'll work on it tomorrow and post another version!! ;)


@jadey15 well lol it's hard to explain, they are special needs characters, as you can see the red one is just a something lol, and the blue one doesn't have an explanation, it's a flying thing @.@ and the duckie and the raccoon well, they're, yeah lol.. I will be working more on it and posting another version later on Today, thank you for your feedback :)


New version with a couple changes, feedback welcomed... ;)


So yeah, let's hope this one explains better what's going on :P


I'll keep working on it as soon as more people let me know how's it look :)


Great progress! :D yeah, I would also lose some of that punctuation. I still don't know about he placement of the red guy. He sort of looks like he's floating right now. Maybe if you were to flatten his shadow a bit and make his back end recede to the right? Anyway, you're doing great.


Hmm you're right, I'll try that out and work with the punctuations for a next version :P


Same thing, lose some of the punctuation marks. Otherwise very cool top! :D


So many punctuation marks, lose some of them as already suggested. Also place the design a little bit lower, not much, but just a little.

Check out my Critiques, do comment :)


It's kinda crazy, but I definately like it! As said before, I would tidy up the punctuation. I like that the red thing is just a thing! Keep up the good work!


Fun Shirt!


The characters are all really cute, no matter how violent they seem to be. It's already been stated, but maybe try making changes to the punctuation, and alter the placement of the right most figure. But this looks great so far!

If you can, please vote! I really appreciate it!


Voted, and I'll be uploading the final version of this before submitting in a couple minutes! :P


Alright here we go, took all punctuations out I think the design speaks for itself, except for 1 question mark on the orange guy's hat. If this is liked enough, it will be submitted. Also fixed the dead guy's placement and what not, as mentioned in comments. Let's see now :)

MCB Design

its still kinda hard to tell what the hell is going on.... maybe try to make it look like they are trying to accuse each other or something... I also would put more emphasis on the dead character because having it in the back like that you don't focus on it and at first glance you just kinda see three characters with knifes. I like the style of the characters a lot though I enjoy the character with the hat.

MCB Design

I also just realized that your over the color limit I think you are only allowed like 8 or something so I would check that out.


I think you could add some eyebrows.

Would enjoy you to vote my design: Vamp

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