chocolate chips cookies

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I have my students take a favorite food, break it into ingredients, then break those down into molecules, and finally atoms. They make posters with cool visuals. Then I have them reverse the process and follow an atom as it makes its way into the food in the first place. They are 8th graders. Dig deeper!

I wrote that and then I looked at your have submitted a couple of very cool designs; the blue tooth, and the one about peace?!. Both looking at the importance of cell phones in the world.

I especially like the one about peace?!?! as it points to the importance of cell phones, internet etc in connecting people to work for a common the overthrow of dictatorships, or striving toward peace. I assume you are Israeli, so I bet you have more important designs in you than chocolate chip cookie recipes!

Best to you.


i almost finishd... :)

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