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Nice try. Looks like the shirt worn by Zach from the first Hangover movie. You just added the tentacles. 0 :(

Human Tree

Hotel Breakfuses

Wow, i copied the shirt from "The Hangover" Somebody else took a popular graphic of an anotomy text book style illustration and put a spin on it. Crazy!


Oh yes! Very striking. Nice illustration.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

cool take on the hangover shirt. i like it.


this is not a rip-off, as the artist said. the hangover shirt uses an existing graphic to do its thing. this squid-thing is awesome!

Hotel Breakfuses

Thanks to the last poster. Teehoarder24 was a little much for being so ill-informed! "0" haha. Whatta Jerk!


love it. Well done there!

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