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My Very First Time!!!

This is my very first time on Threadless and to see my t-shirt posted just touched my heart so much.

Thank You Threadless
Words can not explain how grateful I feel:)

My shirt is titled "The Stuff Song" for the Adventure Time Challenge

Watch this
Haragos profile pic Alumni


Haragos profile pic Alumni

awesome! check out my new kong shirt it needs help to stay over 3


Just did, Absolutely Amazing! I love that shirt. 5 all the way

I have a question say if I wanted to up load a photo for feed back before submitting, how do I do that?


Go to submit design and then to critique and upload there for feedback. Voted your first attempt..looks nice!


Thanks you so much everyone your advice helped out so much.

I can't wait to start posting to get your feedback:)

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