FFFFound Invite [DONE]

Could anyone please invite me to ffffound? I just recently discovered the site and instantly fell in love it.
Of course I'd return the invitation!
Thanks a lot in advance :)

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bengineer profile pic Alumni

yay, i am! hey guys :) i've never stopped checking out the latest prints, but i was really busy finishing school. and now i'm finally done!

Naolito profile pic Alumni

Congrats dude, hard work always get paid :) Now go to work on those wonderful desings!


yeah...congrats! I bet you just spent al your printmoneys already so you came back for a few superfast prints :P seriously: good to see you.

bengineer profile pic Alumni

thanks so much, you guys! feels great getting such a nice welcoming after so much time :)

d3d profile pic Alumni

search for the "love our image" blog and ask in there, but don't mention the name of the site.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

hi ben!!

bengineer profile pic Alumni

hi jeff, nice to see you :) and thanks for the hint, leon!

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