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I have a whole series of these inked and colored creatures. This was my first, and if all goes well, ill keep adding the rest!rnThanks for the feedback!


I really like this. Like the style. I agree with kristajoy about making the blacks....blacker. I'd kind of like to see it on another color shirt too, but that may just be me. Don't buy a lot of red shirts myself. Looks great though. I'd say keep 'em coming if you've got more. Appreciate if you could give me your thoughts on my cuurent critique: http://www.threadless.com/critique/90582/Cookies_Revenge


I also think that the character can be smaller. Nice work!


That is one crazy character! Looks cool. Why not add the splatter strokes you have in the background of your submission to the tee?


whoa creepy! i agree make it smaller and add splatters on the tee as well, especially the ones by its feet on an angle thou makes it look like a drop shadow. which would be good for this character drop shadow blobs

please critique here


I added ink splatter on the T and shrunk the image just a smidge! What else?...Come On, I need it to be a 5 before I send it out :) THANKS


The splatter on the top took away from the drawing so i ommited it but left a splatter drop shadow...much better, i think!

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