The big wave of chrisanthemum

  • by miiida
  • posted Jun 10, 2011

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Hi, this is my first submission! I'd appreciate any critiques, thanks! :)


A great work, i hope that you will add soon more !


Thank you for all of your comments :) I agree with your suggestions. I will try extending the design to cover the whole and upload again.


Hi:) So I've extended it to full front. And change the surfer to an elf and surfboard to a leaf, but I feel that he still needs work. Besides that I'm not sure about the border line around. What do you think?


i really like the colours on this shirt. i don't like the border tho, maybe trying texture or fading it out on the sides so it doesn't look so much like a rectangle? this is cool tho the more i look at it the more i like it, love the leaf surf board too!

critique please :)

Fille imaginaire

I would love it oversized, too, as shoelle does propose. I mean, extended over the t-shirt lines, a bit as if it was a pattern on the textile. Otherwise it's very nice, it is like those 70's skirts or curtains. (Oh, I like less the cap of the figure of the second version!)


Why did you change the surfer? He looked fine before. Adding in more lines complicates him, as he's so small all the lines kinda mash together and look messy. I personally don't like the surfer as an elf, but I guess you did it to tie his size to the giant flowers. I think it worked better in version one with a human surfing the flowers because it was more surreal.


Thanks for all the inputs! I appreciate it :) It's still a working progress. It does, look too "boxy", I'll try getting out of it, for a start. Then work on the surfer....still hasn't decided what to do with him.

electric_method profile pic Alumni

I really dislike white shirts. But you know what? This design looks FANTASTIC on white! way to go on winning me over.

I like the new placement - it looks great. I am however, a fan of the human instead of the elf, but its a personal choice so go with your gut.

great work though, I love your clean lines!

If you get a chance, check out my submission thats up for scoring! Oceanic INK if you voted on it, I'd be super appreciative - and if you dig it let me know in the comments!

have a great day and keep up the great work!

davertheraver profile pic Alumni

yeah, I would try and blend the flowers into the shirt, don't be constrained by the border, there are no boundaries! Maybe think about the background colour. Apart from that, it's a beautiful illustration


I like your style :) Think the chrysanthemums or at least some of them can pop out of the borders. I like that you expended it, but I prefer the previous surfer (probably cos he looks more traditional). Overall nice! :)


Thank you for your comments :) I appreciate it. I'm now trying to get them out of the box, and see the balance as a whole. Will see about the background colour and I'll upload them as soon as I'm, done!

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