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Very simple design me and my brother thought. We both did a design about this haha. Mimes and pandas have the same colors haha, so this is both, is a Mime Panda :D.


Sympathetic characters. I think the character to the right should have a little smile.


there's a good idea here...i think it looks a little too chunky and digital, lacks some flair maybe? and how about calling it Pandomime?


this is really cool!!! i think shadow is not necessary..

My design is now up for scoring, please vote: Shades of Life


hi panda lover!

prolly can lose the dark green shadow?

critique on mine? :D Panda!

Boo Rad Lee

I totally agree about calling it PandaMime. And I don't think the shadow is necessary. Maybe add a square of dashes around the one on the right like he's stuck in a box - the common mime thing? Or change the setting to a city street with a crowd? Really cool idea you've got there.


Nice idea. If your placing it on the green shirt I do think you could lose the green grass color. And the shadow probably isn't necesarry. I would maybe (maybe) add a mime looking mouth? Also had an idea in order to further illustrate your mime panda's mime action. You have question marks above the other pandas head. How about the inclusion of a thought bubble above the mime pandas head with whatever action you want to illustrate him doing (a box, ect.). Might require some placement adjustment to accomplish. Appreciate your thoughts on my current critiques: Thanks!


you may consider adding the lines on the mimes eyes (just google mime if i'm not being clear) i agree with others that the colored green part is unnecessary due to the shirt also this may just be me, but the thumbs for the mime seem a bit odd, perhaps just semicircles instead of triangles

if you get a chance:


I believe your panda is cute enough But the shadow looks no great enough Keep update me for your new version, i'm exciting for the new version if you have time, please critique mine I believe I can fly! Thanks :)

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