Toothpick Swarm, Select Girly Tee Dress

  • by angeliu
  • posted Jun 02, 2011

Toothpick Swarm, Select Girly Tee Dress

Watch this

beautiful, but pricey :(


Speaking of toothpicks... Why do you only have SUPER skinny people (men and women) modeling your select line?!? At least with your regular T's you can see what it might look like on someone with breasts that require a bra, and perhaps someone who has hips.


@azuki_pie: Fashion goes through movements just like any other form of expression, and right now thin and willowy is "a la mode". Comments insinuating that the body depicted isn't what the "normal" person looks like will only hurt people's feelings. :( We all have enough body issues, yeah? The Threadless Select section is just like the rest of the site in the sense that determining your size and ordering work the same. I'm certainly not thin like this model but I had no trouble ordering a Select shirt that ended up fitting quite well. And of course there is the handy return/exchange policy that Threadless upholds. :)

Regarding the design: The pattern and color scheme look really fun, but as mentioned it's a bit pricey. I will seriously consider snagging this if it goes on clearance or on sale. Very pretty! And I'm glad to find that there aren't any awkwardly placed pockets, which have surfaced on a few designs in the past.


I'm wearing this dress right now AND I have hips. It's such a simple, fun, and stylish dress! I cinched it with a cream colored rope belt but it also looks cute without for a breezy summer feel. Thanks Threadless for making great dresses and thank you to Ray for the pattern design! Great job all around.


nice, but too pricey.


I won this dress on Threadless Tee Time and I'm SO glad I picked this one. I wear it with a thin brown belt around my hip/waist area. SO CUTE! Perfect for summer :)


This is AWESOME! I wish they came in XXL though. I'm not sure this would fit me.


I love this dress. It is just low enough that I don't get worried about bending over an dwhen placed with a cute big belt it shows off my coke bottle figure. I love it and I recommend this dress for all body types. Definitely worth the money!


I wish this was available right now.. ):

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