The Helium Menagerie, Select Girly Eco Hooded V-Neck

  • by myteemo
  • posted Jun 02, 2011

The Helium Menagerie, Select Girly Eco Hooded V-Neck

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I love this!


I love this. I wish it was cheaper though. 40 bucks for one shirt when I can get four shirts for the same price, on the same website.


Love, love, love the artwork. Sensitive. Subtle. Intelligent. But the style and color of the T don't do it justice. Bring it on on colored Ts, front and center! And maybe reduced in size a bit? Work of this integrity deserves a little invitation.


Just got this tee in the mail today and am now wearing it. It is GREAT! I think the print to the side looks WAY better than if it were centered.


If this went on sale I would buy it in a heartbeat.


I just love the style of this shirt; between the longer sleeves, longer fitting top, lower neck line and hoodie on the back, it's almost perfect. A+
Would be nice to see more in this style and in a girlie xs.


Pleeease reprint! Seeing this shirt years ago led me to your site, and I've never been able to get it. 8(

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