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this is so coool!! love this design so much. I'm glad it's a tshirt!


Any chance of getting it in kids/toddler size?


I wore this to a job interview.... and got the job!


My munchkin wants this shirt! Baby/toddler sizes would be AWESOME!!!


this is freaking awesome !!


Happy space baby!!


I love this so much! Reprint PLEASE! :)

blue panda

it's adorable! awesomeeeeeeee

everything profile pic Alumni

So happy this reprinted! Thank you everyone who loves this lil guy and thanks Threadless for giving him a reprint! Yeah!


it's very good


This is SO cute!


awkward moment when thats actually a nebula....


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Tisha, so glad I'm not the only one who noticed that.


I had this shirt at one point but lost it along with at least 5 other awesome threadless t-shirts in a crazy incident on my way back from camping. We harnessed all our luggage to a contraption on the back of the car and it broke off while we were on the freeway without us noticing. When we backtracked, my bag was gone along all the precious precious t-shirts I had bought from here. This is the one I probably miss the most. PLEASE REPRINT




This reminds me of a tutorial on Polygonblog, the one to make that little monster dude in 3ds max. But I like this dude, I really do. It has a certain cuteness that is not cringey.


it's a super supernova remnant guys. not that awkward.


glad i was able to get one. awesome design.


this is so cute, but it is a nebula--not a supernova! (you would need an exploding star at the center to call it a supernova!). adorkable either way, and I will probably get it


As an astronomer, let me clarify on all the discussion about this being a nebula and not a supernova: this is a picture of the Crab Nebula. While it is a nebula (i.e. essentially an object in the night sky that looks like a fuzzy, cloudy patch), what makes the Crab Nebula special is that it is also a supernova remnant. That means that this is the cloud of dust that is left behind from a star that went supernova (in fact, about a 1000 years ago). And at the center of this nebula, there is a neutron star/pulsar: which is essentially formed from the core of the star that went supernova.

So I think it is totally ok to use the Crab Nebula as a supernova. It’s just the picture of a supernova that began about a 1000 years ago, which is a remarkably short time in astronomical contexts.

(And, by the way, this is just an awesome and adorable design! All my astronomy friends love it too!)

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