Brain Storm

  • by iamalaayy
  • posted May 27, 2011

Watch this

so it's 3:40 a.m. My first draft. tell me whatcha think, I have a lot more ideas as to how i can make this better. but i wanted to post something up for now. suggestions and help is always appreciated!


I like the idea, It's a good pun. The other way you could do this would be to make the cloud look more like a brain, and the rain drops like actual raindrops and lightning. I feel like it's a good start but it may still need work. people might not get that it's a "brain storm" without reading the title of ur design since it's raining pencils, pens and erasers. Try to find a way to make the idea come out through the artwork.

cheers. if you want to help me out with mine: and


Oh yeah I had the same thought about making the cloud look like a brain. like i said this is just the concept pretty much rough draft... im planning on changing a lot with it when i have time :) thanks for the advice!


hahahaha, I wov this! I wan a see wit on a Tee dough. Dat picture ain't too cwear.

Gweat stuff dough!

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