Coracias Cyanogaster

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This was originally a picture I took at the zoo....Then I changed the gradients and altered him a bit. He's called a Blue Bellied Roller (yea i totally looked that up). The title is his scientific name, thought it sounded kinda sweet... hope u all like it.


So pretty! I like it best on the light aqua shirt. :-)

The only suggestion I can think of is to let the branch continue until you hit the end of the V neck, so it looks like it's going off the shirt, as opposed to stopping right before the seam of the V. Did that make sense? lol


yea it does make sense.... i was debating on that.... thanks


yea it does make sense.... i was debating on that.... thanks

rachel constance

lovely. I would make it a little more painterly . I'm not as stoked about the red but the other two colors work well. feel free to give advice on my design!


yea red is my least favorite too... but i got an opinion before i submitted it, who said they really liked the red


anyone have any suggestions on the type of printing i should use? im pretty new to this...


The contrast between the red and green tinted design is nice, but I feel like the bright red overwhelms it. Personally, I find myself favoring the silver.

If you get a chance, please check out my design : In the Wind


there.... i stretched the design further up the shoulder and replaced the red one with mauve (little girly for my liking, but it contrasts well)... any printing suggestions?


well done! can't help with printing, but i look forward to buying!


Thank u!... thinkin about making a mens option though, had a friend tell me if there was one he'd buy it


fuxking love it! if i were a chick i would be wearing this in mauve


Tried it on darker... I'm not a fan, it kinda takes away from that purplish tone that's in there.

Boobie Doobie Doo

I just saw the original t-shirt design and, yeah, the elongation of the picture was definitely a good move--it's a small move but it makes a lot of difference. The second design seems like a shirt that that would be flattering on many different body types. Nice work!

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The species name (2nd part of the scientific name) should be lowercase: Coracias cyanogaster. I like it on the grey/slate.


absolutely stunning design, i'd suggest maybe lightening up the blue in the design a bit lighter will play nicer with the yellow/white.

and if you have a moment: Pixel Perfect


It's been submitted now..... so if u all like it, vote. thanks everyone for your help

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