RedRum, Mrs. Torrance...

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This was originally a painting I did on canvas in acrylic. I've always been a avid horror movie fan and The Shining is my personal favorite. This is my interpretation of the infamous"Here's Johnny!" scene from Wendy's point of view. Please help, I would love to get it printed, this shirt would rock! I tried to submit it but they declined it saying that it needed a little more work. So, if anyone has any suggestions.... please share.


This is my first submission ever... so I need some help. I really wanna do this right.


Is there a better way that I should present this idea?


This is pretty awesome, I like it a lot! The only thing I suggest is having the image bigger and taking up more of the tshirt.


thanks for the input.... originally I was considering that. I'll try it out. Thanks.


Color maybe? not sure what you're refrencing or going for so can't help you too much...


Colors of the shirt or the image? I'll try a few different shirt colors but the silver on the model was the closest to the background in the original painting I did, thats why I used that.


I took your suggestions, made it bigger, and included other shirt colors... I still feel I need to reorganize the shirts in the picture before its submitted, but this way you get the idea.... any other suggestions?


I would suggest cleaning it us a little. I think there are too many shadows on the face. Maybe put a little detail in the hair. As for the T color, you could try something dramatic... like red, since it's a about horror movies.


I really like the illustration but there is still something that doesn't convince me about it.. could it be the placement? maybe it should be moved a notch to the right?

please drop a line about mine if you get the chance: Treasure Hound


get out of greyscale a bit :-?


see.... originally it was done on canvas for a project that was all about grayscale, and personally thats what i liked about it, it had that black and white horror movie feel, and thats kinda what i wanted to convey....ill try it on red, but i think it might take that away from it....i'll post a pic of the original painting to see if that can help u guys help me... thank u everyone for the input though, its much appreciated

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