T shirt design

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Funny Business

Trying to keep it simple? Does anyone have a sense of humour?

Boo Rad Lee

The front is funnier than the back to me. I would nix the back altogether.

Funny Business

So tell me how I can improve it to get it approved then.

Funny Business

They are not door keys, they are sperm cells.


Make the tails longer and the heads a slight bit more oval. Also, make the tails come to a point. I definitely got what they were, and the pun is good too.

just a thought.

Funny Business

I'm going to try again but just with the front one like Boo said and also what vonder just said as well.


Haha cool. I would make the sperms look more like real life sperms though.

Could you check mine out?


Super cool, love it...!!! Leah


re making sperm more 'life like' given no one on the planet has ever seen a sperm with their naked eye....I wouldn't worry too much about that! ;)

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