Battle of the Giants

  • by bottleHeD
  • posted May 04, 2011

Battle of the Giants

Watch this

Wow, 5 dollars, but all sold out.. :'(


Monkey hate technology. Robot hate the monkey. They will fight eternally, Monkey versus Robot!


I got the guys tee but the placement of the design is really, really strange, it shifts to the bottom edge of the tee leaving the entire chest area BLANK! Looks weird, a total waste of an otherwise epic print :/ I hope they fix it in the next printing lot :(


My son had an earlier printing of the shirt and it looked much better than the replacement we recently purchased. The placement of the design is towards the hem of the shirt and just doesn't look good. Very disappointed.


Yeah I really like it except for the placement of the print, what the hay? But other than that awesome print :D

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