Mood Swing

Watch this

They said this needs more work. Any suggestions?


i'm with bandy. green shirt would be nice. and add some shadows on the poles. :-)


Ok thanks for the suggestions, I changed the shirt from blue to green, added grass, and redrew everything so it looks cleaner. Wasn't feeling the shadows anywhere though... What does everyone think?

Myra Stuart

Good improvements in my view! Well done. Don't know what more I'd do as the simplicity is great.


It's good, but the perspective is a bit confusing...try ti fix that with shading: on the ground and on the swing ( it correct? sorry i'm not english!)

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Thanks guys! I wasn't feelin so hot about the word sad either. I think im going to re-submit it now.

Yawning Jellyfish

nice work it always makes me laugh when i see those modals i automatically assume its the designer lol

check my work plz


Haha yeah I don't look like that...


I think it would be nice to get a little dimension on the swing, the flat makes it sort confusing since one is the bottom and one is the top of the swing... It's a really clever idea :]

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