Ok. I know this is kinda creepy, but i had to...

i've never had, in the almost 6 years that i've been a member, an honest to god threadless sighting in real life that didn't involve a family member or friend who i'd turned on to threadless myself.

the crazy thing is i nearly wore that shirt today!
instead i wore joe's other shirt, clouds within thunder, and i had the wishbone hoodie on too.

dude had no clue.

also, it's been awhile since i've mainly been lurking lately.

so, hi!

Watch this
spacesick profile pic Alumni

ahaha creep


d3d profile pic Alumni

man they have a casual approach to hydroponic weed farming in your neck of the woods


hey, hey, hey!

ha. there's more truth to that than you'd imagine, leon. a strictly hydroponic store just opened here, with an emphasis on "tomatoes". wink-wink


it's almost as if you're right here, right now.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

those hydroponic stores popped up here too

the radio ads are ridiculous


on the plus side, it's made finding SUPERthriveĀ® a lot easier!

the czar

It's not creepy if you are stalking with love.

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