10.000 Robots: I want your help!

Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know about a little side-project I'm launching, called 10.000 Robots.
The goal is simple: collect 10.000 Robots

That's where I would love your help! Because I'm not going to do this on my own. There's an amazing amount of creative people out there and in here, and it'd be great if you would like to help out.

They're collected in a Flickr group, which you can join to upload. Right now there are 2 robots I made, and a few made by a couple of kids I know.
This is the robot to start the whole thing off:

The group is over here: 10.000 Robots in Flickr

If you don't have or want a Flickr account, it's ok! Get the image to me any way you want. Post it here, send it by email, facebook it to me, or tweet it to me, whichever way you can think of, I'll make sure it ends up in the group pool!

Even if you can't draw, it doesn't matter! (actually that makes it more fun!) I'm sure you have 5 minutes, so give it a go and show me the best damn robot you can make!
There are no guidelines to follow here. If you want to illustrate it, go ahead. Want to model it in 3d? Sure! Want to make one by doing a collage? Awesome! Anything you can think of is welcome, as long as it's a robot!

To keep this interesting, every once in a while I will reward super awesome entries with a free shirt from my own little brand Here Be Robots.

There also needs to be a final thing, something for when the project is done. To be completely honest I'm not entirely sure about what to do here yet, so suggestions are welcome! I was thinking about doing a few posters with the best of the collection, or perhaps a little book with all the entries in there.

So, if you have a couple minutes, go draw the most awesome crazy fantastical silly robot you can!

Draw a robot. Any way you want. Send it to me, or upload it on flickr!

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super cool!

ibyes profile pic Alumni

Sorry I posted such a huge image, they really need a delete function for this kinda thing.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

Added a few:

That last one is still up for vote, If you would be so kind as to vote and comment :)


Oh, that's an awesome idea! I'll draw something for sure. Also, i really like the shirt you're selling on your little brand site. Keep on what you're doing, dude!

Demented profile pic Alumni

Thanks for adding those Papaprime! The iron man one is awesome!

I'll add yours when I get home Musarter :)

Thanks Ragnampiza, can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

Woo-Hoo! Featured in the O-fish-all Threadless webblast! I can't wait to see the robots roll in!


I totally love that you've started this!

Just joined the Flickr group and will be uploading soon.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

I went ahead and uploaded the Row-bot. I hope this effort goes well and you reach your goal.

Resistance profile pic Alumni

They featured this blog in the threadless newsletter email. :)

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Added mine


Sorry for the double post...... First post did not take the image tags??

Demented profile pic Alumni

Super awesome! Saw the feature in the newsletter! :D

Great stuff Rodney! Added em to the flickr group :)

Thanks for participating everyone!


Here's two I did in 3D Studio Max while bored... I'll send some sketches later :) I


Apparently those did not work...I'll try again later...


Hey there!

Here's a robot I made when 5 got mugged and lost my digital SLR system.

It'a a robot made of camera parts!

Tell me what you think.


Weird image not showing up.

Here's another try


this sounds like fun, I'll have a go tomorrow.


LOL now I think is going to work, please remove the other posts

Wylie Knowords

TED.com and Threadless I use to feed my robots. I live in Richmond, Virginia. We have Civil War, cigarette smoking, redneck robots. (Just kidding.)

Your idea is fantastic. What a wonderful book and art/science exhibit idea too.

I wish I could draw. I am an artist with a camera and words.

If you need a verbal,slogan,title, 'w O R D S. Just ask. I am a newbie trying to sell my first slogan. (25 slogans sent so far.) I love to be connected to Threadless people. I have met more writers and artists on Threadless who are creative and fun than I have ever met in Richmond. (We have VCU and the great ad agency The Martin Agency.)

Look forward to watching your project grow. If you also do slogans I will go there next and vote for them.

p.s. If you need a title for your robot book.......just ask. Wylie Jones Glad to meet another creative.

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