You want a piece of me?

  • by owlcz
  • posted Apr 23, 2011

Watch this

Pizza: "You want a piece of me?"

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Maybe you could draw a face on the pizza holding up some fists, and it would help the picture match the text. And I think the text needs to be a different font, it doesn't really go with what you're saying. Maybe something a little more edgy?


An approach with comical interpretation, instead of words...

Myra Stuart

I think the pictorial approach is definitely stronger.

The eyes and mouth are getting a bit lost in the business of the pizza at the moment though, is there a way you could give them more definition?

It might be as simple as putting the slice lines below the face so that it doesn't look as chopped up. Or else try the lines slightly thicker.

I think this has definite potential.


Thicken the lines for facial expression.. and also move the slice lines to the back...


i think he cutter need some edges. and add texture on the pizza. or a hand which want a piece from the pizza.


Agree with abbadabba9, i think should clean up the pizza a little bit.


I'm not sure about the tee colors, what about grey or light blue? the design is good but i don't like the eyes and mouth...try different styles (color teeth with white instead of showing pizza below them!). good luck ;)

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Modified the facial expression and the cutting blade.


Pls comment..


Cool concept, It's hard though because the mouth and Eyes don't read very quickly at first. Maybe try making it look like seperate teeth, or possibly putting some defining shadows in there. It's looking good though.


A more comical facial expression :)


I think eyes and mouth may be made of food... like olive pupils or something ;)


funny! I think you are still missing some details in the eyes and mouth

Good luck! please check my sub!


No, I don't! I don't want a piece of you! Lol!


with added eyeballs and teeth...


originally, I've thought of a plain pizza with the wording only... later versions are added with facial expression, so can remove the wording...


I think the wording still helps to sell it


If you put the text back in I think you should play around with some hand done type that you convert to vector.


Adding back the wordings and changing the mouth part...

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