Time for changes

I have been so far from Threadless the last months, that's because a lot of stuff is happening in my life.
First, this summer ends my studies in Universidad Veracruzana, I'll be a profesional of language and literature and I'm very excited about that.
So, I'll be working really soon, maybe teaching literature or spanish. I want to go back to design tees, but I don't have enough time. Also I'm falling in love again, I had a boyfriend last autumn, we split really soon and I was really hurt about love, but I think I'm ready to love and be loved again. A lot of stuff is happening and I'm very excited, but worried too, thougths? fellings? By the way, last February was my second treadversary, but I was too busy to celebrate it, cheers!

Watch this

Hey guys thanks! I hope so Ratkiss, wish me luck :) Randyotter! Thanks! I'll try to design again, I'' let you know for future critiques.

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