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lowest score to get printed

Just a question, I am curious to know what's the lowest score you've ever seen on a printed design? I have a design up now that has 4 days of voting left, and it hovers between that just out of range? Does it need to be more around a 2.75 to be considered? i also have another that is around 2.2, i am assuming that one doesn't really stand a chance.

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This is the blog for you. =)

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you draw pretty

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lol...thanks! encouraging (both comments!) :)

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Thank you!


I saw a 2.45 marks printed before~ by the way, the score is not means all~ we all still get chance ^^


i think i saw one at 1.sth, from the food related shirts, it was handpicked by threadless though.

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there is a very encouraging phase i came across:

"there might be a sudden of luck, but there will b no forever burried (talent)"

So i guess just forget about the score, keep drawing, and you will get ur tee printed one day :)

All the best to everyone


thats inspirign Ulou86!

V Creations

i saw like 1 point something who got their artwork printed! =)

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good blog - especially for those of us who are relatively new.

i wonder if the printed designs that scored 2.5 and lower had tons of "i'd buy it's"?

btw, khallion, i love "intertwined".


I have just submitted my first design and was wondering the very same thing. Mine is hovering above and below 2. I've seen some designs on here that I thought were worth at least 3 on average but have average scores of around 2 as well. Not really sure what the point is of scoring if the actual score isn't the deciding factor, other than to give feedback to the artist I guess. I would have thought a comment would be more useful.


Who knows for sure, but I'm guessing the Threadless staff not only takes into account the average score but some of the most common scores... like if you had say 25% 5's and 75% 1's, that's an average of 2, but it's also a 25% rate of people being really excited about the design, and those are likely sales. I'd say that's better than 2's across the board.


I just started here. This thread just gave me a lot of hope.


Great question with great answers. I found this quite encouraging.


Karen you do great work. I've had 50 designs get a low score or get rejected. I still keep doing this because it helps me learn the programs. However I'm about out of gas. The frustrating part is I like what I do.


This has been very enlightening, but I have to admit that some of the choices on that list have left me scratching my head.

AquarionArts said:

Great question with great answers. I found this quite encouraging.

Same here!!!


Great blog! Thank you all!!


Great blog! Thank you all!!


I love your work!!!


The blog link is broken, can someone re-post for me?

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