Angry Banana!

  • by lucusice
  • posted Mar 28, 2011

Watch this

Angry Banana! need some revision ideas from you guys. Preciate it!


The palms are in a different style, and the banana and monkey are great so I think you should make it the same style (although it's not necessary... it's a good background) the monkey's colors are kinda bad after some staring... the banana's are great. It doesn't have an angry expression, just a crazy one, the eyes are a bit too nice/happy.

Please comment if you spot The Impostor


The banana looks kinda cool, but I just wish that I could see more of him. Maybe lose the background trees all together and just make him the center piece - smaller and whole(legs and all).

And the monkey needs to get way bigger. That will also give you a chance to put in some more detail.

Is that salt on his head? Why salt?

Also, colored background?


Yup I also agree with bob.surrao. I also think the monkey would look better a darker shade of brown. Good luck.

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