Technicolour Rex: iPhone 4 Case

Technicolour Rex: iPhone 4 Case

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Geez, I love this design. But it doesn't really look like it would protect my phone.


sure it's a Griffin.


If I had an iphone 4, I would totally pimp my phone with this! But I have a Droid X. T_T I weep for lack of Technicolour Rex.


A bit more info would be good. I presume it's silicon?


The design is fantastic, I have actually purchased this case and it looks great in the flesh.

It's truly unfortunate that this case doesn't have a lip that covers the front edges.

There's simply no point using it as it won't protect my phone.


great one... i dont have an iphone and i actually want this case :P


This would be great if it was silicon and if it covered the edges properly, then I would definitely purchase it.


Not recommended. I've bought this case and it seriously hinders my signal strength. Doesn't block it out completely but areas of 1-3 bars I found to go down to "No Service" too often for it to be coincedence. This is from UK perspective; I don't know if it would affect the signal in America.

Protection-wise, it does protect it though. It survived a drop from my hand to concrete on the first day, it's like holding a bar of soap.


you should print this on the incase brand cases instead of griffin... WAY better case quality!


You should do some more phone cases - I dont have an iPhone but would buy the case for my phone :)


This is awesome!!


i dont see why you arent restocking quicker, this is obviously a really popular case and i want it really bad.


please, please, PLEASE restock! i want this case so bad... :)


I want this. Please order a reprint!


Please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease reprint this! I ordered a tee last year a month before xmas, and it got lost in the post, needless to say when I requested another one, IT WAS SOLD OUT. Waaaa! This is such an awesome design, I must have eeeeeeeet! :o)


Woops, that comment was meant for the tee, not the iphone case...mea culpa.

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