Abraham LINKoln

Abraham LINKoln

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dschwen profile pic Alumni

Congrats man!

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Thanks so much to everyone at threadless who voted/commented on this and made it happen! I'm stoked to have one of my cheezy puns see the light of day :)

A.L. Silver

Two of my favorite people of all time combined into one form. Love it ~!


This shirt is effin ridiculous.

Nice print.


omg, LOL. This shirt is hilarious. Great job.

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Definitely buying this!


This is awesome! "Four score and seven crystalized maidens ago..."

Jay Wrizzle

oh my god I must have this

Ghost Advocate

Sorry,but this is ridiculous.Just stretching it way too much.


I agree completely with "Ghost Advocate" I'd like to see more gaming designs printed though!


I can't decided if this is the coolest or creepiest thing I have ever seen.


I hate to say this because I'm sure the artist put alot of work into it.... but this really is the most awful T-shirt I've seen in a while. It's such a shame, because I love the Legend Of Zelda games.

(Of course I'm British, so the whole Abraham Lincoln angle is lost on me)

foxy is enamored

Haters gonna hate. This is great stuff though. Abe is cool, Link is cooler, the both of em combined is ossum


Gonna buy it in a few moments!this rocks!


Haha this is so clever!


SHOOT! I placed an order today, and forgot to stick this in it :(


This is a really cool shirt to be honest. I wish you had on that featured magnets but thats ok. I really cant wait to see whats next. Thank for this information.


I love the concept, but wish it were the other way around. Link's face with Abe beard and hat would be more attractive, imo. Just a thought for another design, possibly :) Cute idea, either way


Fantastic design!


Love this shirt so much.

Cape Salve

...reprint, anyone?

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