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Congrats! Nice work.

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YESSS! congratulations, david!

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Congrats on your win! This is stellar.


Cool, meaningful and relevant design. A much-deserved win!


25% That is it? People were tearing apart James White from Signalnoise for doing a Save Japan poster where 100% of proceeds went to Red Cross. I appreciate that 100% proceeds from the Japan shirt are going to Red Cross, but I feel like this shirt with only 25% donation really deserves the criticism James got. Sure the shirt is cool, and many people would buy it just for the design, but you are using a disaster to promote the sale of a product you a earning from. Not cool. Not cool. Still pay the artist and cover your material cost, but do New Zealand a solid and change that to 100% of proceeds donated.


Kinda agree with bcass22. When I first read that only 25% of the proceeds will be donated, my first reaction was "that's so little." I've seen so many sites donating 100% of their shirt/ products sale to the Japan relief. Even Etsy.

That aside, truly great design! :)


It does say "25% from the sale" and not "from the proceeds", so it's possible they mean 25% before material costs and paying the artist, which is better.

But I agree, it does seem uncool to profit from something that you are using a disaster to promote. :-/

Still love threadless though and congrats to the designer and all!

B 7
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Awesome, congrats!


Lovely design, great cause...but please significantly up the amount that is going towards helping Christchurch be rebuilt.


Ughh I want this so bad to support my country, but postage to New Zealand is sooo expensive :(....


Err.. Sorry for the spam my comment didnt come up... David I was wondering if there is anyway to buy a tee directly off you since you live in NZ aswell, that way id be able to save quite a bit on postage costs?... Not sure if its possible just thought id ask.

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Hey, sorry- it's only though Threadless. It does get quite expensive with the shipping to NZ, I know :(

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

Hey, sorry- it's only though Threadless. It does get quite expensive with the shipping to NZ, I know :(

Mr Rocks
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David, congrats! I wish I had time to enter this one, but super glad a kiwi won this! Great work.

GritFX T-Shirts

Congratulations! Definitely deserved to win the challenge. It is a shame that donations aren't higher, but the challenge has helped create awareness... that's priceless :)

melanies felony

This is amazing, I must buy it and wear it 'round christhcurch with pride. Not sure what people are going on about, the postage isn't outragous or anything it's nine dollars. well worth it.


I live in Chch and I love this T-shirt. Can't afford it, but love it! I agree that $9 isn't outrageous for postage but it's still bumps up the price at a time when many people, especially in Chch, are finding times financially tough. Great work though David.


Lovely design. I'm so glad this is going to help my home town. Also, awesome if David actually donated his prize money (like he said he would in his blog). :)

Kind of a shame that only 25% is being donated, though. I get that the disaster isn't as big as what happened in Japan, but it seems like such a small amount percent. There are New Zealand based t-shirt companies who are charging about the same amount, with 100% of the proceeds going to the earthquake. Nice idea, but kind of bad follow through in my opinion. I'll probably end up buying one of the ones that actually donate 100% to Christchurch.

Great design, though. :)


I am in Wellington and it was horrible seeing how devastated Christchurch was by the earthquake. I'm definatley getting this!! An awesome tee for an awesome cause!

Sage E.B.

I agree that the amount going to Christchurch should be more. Its not just going to be hard for for Christchurch but the whole of New Zealand because it will cost so much to rebuild.


I am not sure why people are complaining about the price of shipping. If you go into a store in NZ that sells 'cool' tees you will know that they start at $50 and easily go up to $75 including NZ labels such as huffer and federation. Here's an idea get your friends together buy a bunch of them and split the price of shipping, or buy one of the sale tees here for $10 and then it would only be $39.00 for 2 tees.

Thanks for the cool design.


Money is donated when these shirts are bought right? Then why complain over the shipping prices, because it's more of a donation that also comes with a shirt, isn't it? That's how I see it, at least.


Wonderfull design......really like shows the rebuilding idea in new way :)


It's a Cool Design. I my not live in New Zealand but I'm for Helping out the world in need


REPRINT PLEASE! i live in Christchurch and was affected by the earthquake and i would love to buy this shirt:)

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