Rebuild Japan

Rebuild Japan

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Cool shirt, GJ!


Wait, so this is the winning design of the Japan relief cause? Great!!

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Thanks for everyone who voted. You guys are great.


It's not like I don't like this design but why did it win? It wasn't even close to being the most popular???


Suggestion: Threadless should provide free shipping for this shirt....=X


I love it & I want to help, Please print them in a dark color. I must wear black, navy or brown to cover my gut! I plan to buy one for someone. But I want one for m e too!


Love it. Though I understand why it's white, I really wish it weren't.


I think it'd be cooler with the rays coming out around the front of the shirt, but still dig it.


Seriously disappointed :( Why did this win? It wasn't even one of the most popular ones. If the popular ones don't win then why do we even vote :/?


This is a good design, but I agree with a few others as to why this one won? What are the factors used to determine, as it certainly isn't popularity! This happens quite often with Threadless, some shirts have low voter rates, but still get printed. Higher voter rates are left by the wayside. If Threadless just picks whatever shirt they want, they why do they even offer voting?


It's nice but I don't know why I lost time voting since popularity wasn't taken into account.


The reason it's white is probably to reference the Japanese flag, so it makes sense. Nice job.


Gorgeous. Any chance we could see it as a print?

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Thanks to everyone who voted. The score was definitely taken into account here. This design was in the top 15.


There were way better designs that I would've bought. I don't know why I even made an effort to score all of the submissions if Threadless is picking what they want... Maybe they chose a less popular design so less people would buy... That way they wouldn't have to donate as much to the American Red Cross. Lame.

P.S. I'm pretty sure it would have been better to donate directly to the JAPANESE Red Cross Society. Their site:


Oh, 100% of the proceeds goes to Japan? Woot! I thought you're only donating 25%, sorry for thinking so! :P


Can you make kids Ts of the Rebuild Japan. I would love to buy one for my 10 year old!

B 7
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Great choice for the winner!


Need I say more? Excellent design!!!


They should print the other Japan shirt with the rising sun all over it, don't remember the link, but double up on donations.


Really like this design!


Very cool - just purchased four tees for friends and family!


Very cool - just purchased four tees for friends and family!


Wow.  What a disappointment.  I've donated to the Red Cross, but I really, really, really wanted to get a shirt to spread the word that continued donations were needed.  There were so many beautiful, touching designs out of this contest, designs which would be conversation starters, the sort of things which would inevitably end with me pointing them to Threadless to get their own shirts, and the message (and donations)  propagating itself.  After the brilliant choices for the Australian Floods and the Gulf Oil Spill, I was psyched.  And this... Seriously?  This is what is ultimately chosen?  Okay, so what?  It appeals to hipster design sparsity, but that alone does not a well-designed message shirt make.  10 points for effort, Threadless.  Minus several billion for good sense.  What a shame.

Reiterating digitizemysoul's comment -- just donate:


I don't know what some people are upset about, I love this design. Great choice, Threadless!


wow! absolutely amazing design!

GritFX T-Shirts

Congratulations! This was my favourite design!! So glad to see it printed.


really love the style, and I love red


besides the fact that it's inside a red circle, it doesn't shout japan to me. the cityscape could be anywhere in the world. also, it even if it did shout japan, it would be more of a tourist tee than a let's go help japan tshirt. i think part of having a tshirt to help with the relief effort is having a design where if strangers walk by, they will ask, where did you buy that tee? i want to do my part and buy one too. or something like that...


Great design. Just ordered mine.

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