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Ha, bitter much? I really like your style. This design feels finished. The only advice I could give is to give the holes of the blue bandaid a little more room on the left. I know, very profound. Thanks for your help on mine.

Matt Glickson

No problem, thanks for the advice. :D

Matt Glickson

The spacing on the bandaid is fixed.

Matt Glickson

The spacing on the bandaid is fixed.


placement is really nice and i like the concept. the teeth is a little bit sharp.maybe more realistic teeth with simple reflections/shades will be better but its not a must have adjustment, its nice already:)


The only thing I can think of is to make the bandaids curve around the heart so it looks less flat and more rounded. It'd match the other features better.


this one's pretty sick ! :) nice job so far. I think I'd use white instead of blue's, here and there.

please check my new version: A Place for Two


i agree with omide... but it's an amazing artwork

Ru Chery

great illustration!!! i agree with Bohed i would prefer the white over the blue, but that is just my opinion. overall great work!!

P.S I could really use your help. My design is up for voting and I am trying to get as many comments and votes as I can before it is too late. Please comment on my design and vote if you can. Again I thank you so much for your help.

Matt Glickson

The band-aid spacing is now fixed.

Comments and critiques please?


I dont think the point comes across enough if im honest... i see wat you're trying to do but it just needs some more work i think :)


I dont think the point comes across enough if im honest... i see wat you're trying to do but it just needs some more work i think :)

Lucia Perenna

I'm not sure about the placement, it could be smaller and placed where the real heart postion is. Also, i suggest some other t-shirt color. It's clear that this heart is damaged, but it gives no relation to Valentine day. ( if its important to you - 'couse I see that most people on threadless are very fond of clear ideas, although it functions also without this relation :))


i think if it was placed slightly lower or decreased in size so its not as close to the collar, great illustration though,


I kind of disagree about the comments on the meaning coming across. The general idea is obvious. Nice illustration, but maybe make it a bit smaller. Check out my 2 designs shower of stars and head in the clouds

Mr Vela

i agee with lucia channge placement, thanks for the comment to the mine, i answer :) my only friend, english isn't in my side :)

citizen rifferson
citizen rifferson profile pic Alumni

I think the placement needs a bit of work, but nice colours though ( maybe in the center, or as someone else mentioned putting it in the real heart position could work pretty well)

Matt Glickson

Good comments, thanks! I think I will definitely shrink the sizing, and scoot it a bit lower.

Does anyone have any critique for the image itself?

Matt Glickson

The heart is now placed and sized like a real heart.


Hi there! Happy to take a look! Thanks for voting on my design. :)

I would place the heart back where it was (with this new size) because even though the heart is actually place where you put it (well.. I little bit to the left.. but anyway..) people relate the heart to the left, not the center of the body.

I would also try the desing in a light blue tee, I think it will make it pop! :)

Matt Glickson

The heart is now realistically sized and placed. (That is, it's placed in that area we all associate a heart with being in. :D )


the heart is ACTUALLY in the centre though lol... its just the bottom left of the heart is revealed the most hence you feel it most on the left side of ur body when u put ur hand on ur chest

Matt Glickson

Right, if you read my description I am aware of this. That was actually version 3. But people tend to think it is here, so placing it here is far more graphically relevant.


I'm a minimalist at some point. this is nice,

but you can still add up some little elements of such within your theme.


I get the idea, and I like it. I wonder if it wouldn't be more clear if it was imply a screwed heart with band aids on it, and not also a face. I am torn between the personification of the heart and the concept of a broken and battered heart. All you would need to do is remove the mouth and then mess with the placement a bit.


Isn't this version the same as the first?


i feel like if a girl was wearing this, it would be inappropriately placed on her lady parts, not over her "heart".


haha.. nice idea! i guess you can play with the shadows a lil have you considered other colour for the tee? Just a thought :)

please spare time to post views and comments for my design here-


Great color Illustration is also nice. Play with shadow ......It would be nice.

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Cool illustration! i prefer position in version 3 in the centre of body but it's my personal opinion,good presentation!


I'm not sure if anyone else said this but I would remove the band aids on the other eye and just make it a regular one. :) It would make you feel more for the little heart. :) Please vote for my design


I kind of want to see how it would look with no mouth and a larger bandaid.

If you get a chance, I'd really appreciate some feedback : In the Wind


cool stuff, i like it =)

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