• by fir3f0x
  • posted Mar 21, 2011

Watch this

A work from me few years back which is about harm and diseases that smoking can bring to us.


Appreciate any suggestions/critiques from everyone.

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I have to read your comment to notice that these are cigarettes. I think you should add colors.


I agree, I had no idea these were cigarettes, add colours. Also think about placement, I'm not sure where on the front of a shirt this would look good but a bit of experimentation may answer that question.


Thanks for the critiques/suggestions. Will add the colors and submit a new version soon. :) Cheers!


Any other suggestions/things i need to do instead of adding colors?


maybe faint smoke from one of the cigs?

the color thing could be done very subtly. maybe a faing orange on the filter?

Sorry man, but the fingers don't look like cigs at first glance, the watcher should be able to see them without color! You can delete the shadows of the finger joints at the tip and add texture on the filter. :D

Hope it helps!

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Please review mine, just click here & here

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