The joy that is cleaning out a broken freezer... boyfriend told me the other night that our freezer had broken-about a week ago. You can imagine my delight! It was still full of food till last night. The smell made me sick, actually sick. It smelt like death! I've only just finished cleaning it out in between retching and cursing with a scarf wrapped round my was a feast for all the senses!
Kev's helpful comment was 'I think the ice cubes are salvageable.' No Kevin, no.

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thedeetzes profile pic Alumni

ewwwww. Why did it take a week?


He just didn't tell me for a week..I guess I work the fridge more so didn't notice! Honestly I don't think I'll ever get over this!


Yikes! So brave. I'd have made your boyfriend do it. haha


I should've done!! I just couldn't stand it...knowing it was there, broken-laughing at me!


Think of the popsicles ;(


Snow joke...

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gross. :(


I know!!

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