But I literally live in the gym!

  • by wawawiwa
  • posted Mar 18, 2011

Watch this

I think this illustration is great because it shows a lot of restraint in the illustration while still having that awesome hand-drawn feel. :) I think, though, that it doesn't make sense without the title. For me, it doesn't make sense even with the title - I wonder if maybe there's some joke that I'm just not getting? I think if I would not have realized that these are gym weights had a not seen the title - maybe you could do some hand-drawn text around the tops that say "10 lbs" or some of that crosshatch detail on the bar that all weighs seem to have. Keep it up, though - this style is really perfect! If you have time, please vote $5 here and you if have even more time, leave me some critique on GIVE IT UP!. Thanks!

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I think is easy to understand. The left one is worried because it spends all day on the gym and doesn't loose weight... I think adding any text here would be a mistake!

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hey! Thanks... yeah... well for me it's easy to understand, but that could be just because I designed it lol. Perhaps a background that shows they're in a gym? I'll add a version with the tee.


I'll be honest - I don't work out at all, so I'm not an expert on what weights look like. I did get what they were right away though. Either version seems fine.

I don't really have much advice, sorry. I really like the style. I can't say it's a design I'd wear though. Do you have a certain audience in mind?

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hey! thanks for the feedback... uhm my audience is everyone that likes the design I guess... I don;'t work out either, but it shouldn't be specific for people who work out only... I guess I could change the name of the design.


You know, I sort of wonder if the joke (a weight on a scale - I think I get it now!) would be more obvious if the weight on the scale either had a really large weight on it (bigger, thicker discs), or super tiny. Maybe think about it? I think it is definitely looking more weighty, so you're making progress!


I agree with erinpillar. I think it might actually be funnier if the weight on the scale is really light. Because their whole identity is how much they weigh...

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thanks for the help :)

Well... I could try making the frustrated one heavier and the one that's laughing lighter.


This guys are cute! Maybe just add the cast shadow on the scale/ground for the one on the left. If that throws the composition off then don't worry about it. I think the composition is really working! Try adding a texture to the design. Also, maybe the arms could be thinner? See what you think. And their expressions are spot on. You're so close!

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ok, now figuring out some color combinations. Thought this one was pretty cool. Also made the arms and legs a bit skinnier. Watcha think?

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oh, erinpillar, i just read your comment XD... Thanks a lot for the help! I will def try that out.


personally i like the gray a little bit better. maybe you could offset the tone on the weights to help them stand apart from the scale though. fun idea. keep it up!

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Im trying to add some color so they don't look so much like screws... thanks to erinpillar for the idea of adding that pattern to the handles.


This is pretty funny.

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Funny. I think adding the extra weight to the one guy was great, that way he actually would be heavier than the one laughing at him. I also think that the addition of the pattern on the handles helped define them as weights a lot. I'm wondering if both weights should say 20? It's been awhile since I hit the gym, but in my experience hand weights are usually labeled by their overall weight, not by individual plate weight.


This is an awesome idea i can see this getting printed no problem, funny clever and well executed no explanation needed for the design :) If ya have time check out my happy MONKEY


Aww it's cute. I hope it prints!


cute. i think its ready for print now. :)


Haha, awesome! Only thing that I think can be improved, maybe, is the sweat drop at the top of his head. Maybe make it bigger or more obvious? or add a different color to it? That's just a minor suggestion though. I think you should submit this version. It does look really good.

mind having a look at mine? Thanks!


you make loads of great designs, I'm starting to think they don't really fit to threadless :S which is a shame cause they're great.

hopefully this one will print because it's perfect... (maybe just missing a shadow for the one standing on the scale...)

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This is really excellent.

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