• by R_G
  • posted Aug 28, 2006

I want to thank everyone who voted for this, and thank threadless!!!

Here is a drawing I made that inspired me to do the shirt...

Watch this
ladykat profile pic Alumni

i just placed my order for this tee - i think it's great!

and the first time i've seen a resub that was actually worth resubbing. :-)


i love it and i hope that i can order it!
congratulations! and that painting is really wonderful!


already ordered! i don't usually go for white tees, but i couldn't pass this up.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

^ same here with the white tees thing. but the design is just soooo good!


this tee is fucking beautiful and i cant wait to wear it

fc gravy

great idea, great visual.


I love this tee, and will probably order it very very sooon.

franx profile pic Alumni

it's a great design! congratulations!


It's amazing. I just picked it up at HQ hours ago. It translates well and the drawing is fantastic too.


this might be the first white tee I buy -- I love the whimsical feeling it gives :)


I love, this shirt, your mind is adorable.

s a m m y

I love your design, I'm hoping to order it soon!


That is a beautiful, beautiful drawing. :O


I was saving my threadless gift certificate for something really special and this shirt was just right. Congratulations, I can't wait until I get it!




I can't wait for mine to arrive. Congratulations on the print.


i bought 2 one for me and one for my girlfriend really great work i hope to see more of these kind of designs


The way you portrayed the painting is amazing. I'm a sucker for pandas...I just had to snag one of these tshirts (its my first tee from the site!). Congrats, can't wait to get it.

MeLa de Gypsie

I'm still waiting for mine to ship to me.. but congratulations and everyone I've spoken to before I placed an order (cos I had to make a choice) says I have to get this one... I'll let you know how it looks on me when it gets here...


congrats! mine should be here soon. :)


it's beautiful - i wish they would reprint some of the sizes so I could get one!


I LOVE your drawing! :)
Hopefully Threadless will reprint the girly tees!


great I really like it


Reprint please!


I hope they reprint this. It would also be awesome if it was in other colours than white.

And I really love the water colour-piece!


My friends saw this design in a shop on a LEE DENIM t-shirt and recognised it from Threadless. They have blatantly ripped off your design. I have shitty phone photos of it too, if you are interested you can email me.


i'm wearing this right no. thank you. i adore it. and the blik graphic too! may order that as well...


An awesome design- gonna buy a t for my girl. I hit your site and you have a lot of interesting designs.

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

wow that original is even better! Congrats on the reprint!


Sweet shirt but I agree with Arrow8 - they should have just printed the painting.

Could you take a gander at mine?


I Really love this print, is there any chance you would reprint, a medium if not two in the females Tee's.
My brothers girlfriends birthdays coming up and she would totally love this, as do I Hee hee hee :.)
Just jumped out at me for a perfect gift for her...
So gorgeous, Well done.
x Stretchy cotton
p.s. the babies sizes are so sweet too.


My goodness, and the fairy print "fight back" Thats awsome too, Oh why am i only finding these now :.(


i have mine and i love it!!


Great design it has the potential to make people smile. I like the color and the star chasing the guy with the net.


thats cool. on the bottome its says "niños malos haciendo cosas buenas" which means "bad kids doing good things". thats awesum... and ironic.


'homie_wiggles' is right, i bought this as a black singlet made by LEE DENIM for about $90AUD 2-3 years ago..wasn't until i met someone who used threadless that they let me know that it was unfortunately a blatant rip-off (the design is IDENTICAL). sorry dude! tis really messed up.

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