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Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

  • by yesmam
  • posted Mar 11, 2011

Watch this

tell me what you think : )


Very cute! I love its little expression. Very nice art work.

Thanks for the comment on my design btw.


what do you think of placement?


I like the placement, it works well.


This is very cute. :) I like the roughness of the design, but not so much on the blue shirt. Try a gray shirt, I think that would look nicer. :)


I think the look on the mouse's face is really cute and I like the shakiness and "unfinished" quality of the lines, but I think you need to draw actual lines instead of just putting a stroke around your image. I would suggest creating a line shape to go over the areas where the stroke would be - by making it a shape (and not a stroke) it will have a unique, handdrawn quality instead of a "straight from illustrator to you!" quality. I hope that makes sense. Keep at it, though, you've definitely got a gem hidden in there if you have the patience to work for it. :)

Thanks for the critique earlier. I have another shirt if you have some time. Thank you!


very cute! like it alot,

thanks for your critique!

i think its a good design, how about trying to make the mouse smaller, actually standing there at the bottom of the shirt and maybe add a trail of crums ;)


Cute... reminds me of the children's book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie." I agree with erinpillar... I would like to see this in a more illustrative style. That circular line outlining his face is a little distracting to me; I don't think you need all of it (maybe just a line to show his chin). Play with tee colors too... maybe a darker blue or a brown to match the cookie? Keep at it!


Try smoothing the line, i think it can let your design look more cute

I need some comment, please critique ,star or rats! and a_real_panda!


cool idea :) placement works well but i'd smooth the lines more thanks for your critique on mine :)


I took away the stroke to make the image softer and tried a new shirt color. What do you guys think? is there anything else that should be changed. I can add a cat to the picture as well


Ok. Now it is a softer image and I added cookie crumbs around the character. Is there anything else you guys think should be changed or added?


Very cute. Not personally my style, but I think you have a chance with this one. I like his expression, the classic, surprised face of a rodent being caught red handed. :) The crumbs are a very nice touch.


I think you've still got some work to do! A couple easy fixes are to make all the black strokes on the hands/cookie the same color as the rodent. Also, I think if you're going to have this, you either have to have one really finished, excellent looking and very detailed mouse and cookie OR add some sort of matching background element. Maybe he's sitting in a cupboard next to a bunch of jars? Also, if you could draw the tail, I would be more certain whether I was looking at a mouse or a rat. Hope I could help! And thanks for commenting on my DNA design!


i think you should not use the withe stroke in the cookie. maybe if you use a lighter brown


hey I think you've got an appealing concept here. People love cute little animals and cookies so yeah! I like this but I agree about the outline on the cookie. I'd take that off if I were you. I think it will look pretty awesome when it's done!

Hey would you mind scoring mine? Thanks! I'm the king!


i think the drawing could be stronger, the lines are quite wobbly and it could do with a bit more detail in places


Mice and Cookies, there is not much better than that.

I think you could smooth out the illo a little bit, maybe add a tail, and perhaps a bite out of the cookie?

The colours look good on the tee, you could defs have a chance here :)

If you've got time would you mind dropping a suggestions on mine? Saving it For Later Cheers!


if you're going to stick with that sloppy style of artwork then i think it'd be cool to shade the mouse with a greyish color a bit, and even on his paws you could use shading of pink to define his fingers instead of that black outline.

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