What was it like seeing your mom pregnant?

No, I'm not being fresh or trying to start a snaps battle!

I'm the younger of two boys, and I just kind of realized the last few weeks that until my girlfriend got pregnant, I have never been in close proximity on a day-to-day basis to any woman going through the process of materializing a child within their body. Watching the process day to day, slowly but steadily (and occasionally with freakishly giant leaps) fill out Tina's tummy is pretty crazy, seeing something that is equal parts of our gene pools opening Tina up to increased sickness, lethargy and breathing issues as her body's resources are diverted and divided for two persons to thrive. She can feel the child fluttering and kicking but I still can't, the mother's bond already closer to Charlie in their tiny internal communications with one another than a father could expect. He's already testing boundaries and isn't even out of the breeding chamber yet!

It struck me as odd that my brother witnessed nine months of watching our mother go through the same process that birthed him but from the outside this time, lol. He had a whole experience of awaiting my arrival and seeing the changes first-hand as well, but at six years old, his view of the world still very much not set in stone, who knew what it all meant to him, or even if it seemed out of the ordinary at all.

Any of you with younger siblings, what was it like as a child to see your mom pregnant and what do you remember about the experience? Did you fully understand that another playmate would be entering the family soon? Was it scary or exciting?

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Congratssssssssssssss Dennis! So happy for you guys! You didn't hafta wedge my name in there as a non-stop human tribute to me, but i appreciate it ;P Can't wait to see what wordy wit that baby comes up with eventually...

haha Monica, that's a blog title I made up for OTHER blog forums, sexier ones that have the lights dimmed down and the USA show Silk Stalkings playing in the background with the sound off...

haha, that's amazing Jackanapes! It's crazy what our minds hold on to and what they discard.

Michelle, thanks a ton for the parental pep-talk, imma need it! Whoa, I guess your grandmother wanted people to think all the pregnancies of your family were immaculate or brought by the stork? :)

Ruby is a great name, it's old-school yet not antiquated sounding, plus it makes me think of having delicious fruit during a sunny morning breakfast.

Thanks for the name comps! I didn't think we would agree on names so quickly...it was the girl name (Ellie Harper Ferstenfeld) that took a million and one years to nail down...we might use that for the next child :)

I forgot to ask my brother when i talked to him the other day if he remembered my mother being pregnant, gahhhh!


Whoa, I guess your grandmother wanted people to think all the pregnancies of your family were immaculate or brought by the stork? :)

No joke, she told everyone, even my uncle who had children of his own, that babies came from France. How the babies got to France initially, no one knows. It's just one of those mysteries you can't ever discuss or even think about without risking the eternal wrath of herself, God and the Queen, in that order.

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No memory, but I take this opportunity to make you my best wishes!

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i hope you've been taking a picture of her every day so you can make an awesome timelapse video


I was only 23 months when my little sister was born. But I remember when my older sister was pregnant. Both times. She was fucking crazy.

But, then, she's bipolar anyhow, so that's probably not what other pregnant ladies are like. Although, sitcoms would have me believe as such.

And you should probably keep her out of elevators.

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Q: What was it like seeing your mom pregnant?

A: Weird, since my father had been working over seas for about a year....

(just kidding, the title of this blog kept asking for it )

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