• by Dee-sign
  • posted Mar 09, 2011

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A geeky panda with a mind-blowing idea...


this looks so cool.. to me, it is already ready for submitting.

could you maybe check out mine? rock the prudence

Xylo Ionic

Cool! I would maybe extend the numbers/letters a bit further down the panda's head, as the effect works really well. I think a light gray shirt could look good too.

Care to look at mine?


I think there should be more numbers/letters as well. Also, the nose-pieces on the glasses are distracting me, especially since these types of frames don't normally have nose-pieces. I thought they were spots at first. The design would look cleaner without them.

Could you take a look at mine?


Very cool panda. Love the concept :) I say submit!

If you have a chance take a look at my critique:ANIMETRIS. Comments and ideas are most appreciated. Thanks!


Thanks, guys... You really helped me a lot... I'll prepare an update.. Hope you check it out & comment again... Cheers!


Thanks, guys... You really helped me a lot... I'll prepare an update.. Hope you check it out & comment again... Cheers!


awesome! looking forward to seeing your update, I guess I'll wait till then to critique. All all say is you could mess around with the numbers placement. If you could, I'd love your comment on my design Justin Bee Bear. thanks.


The GeekyPanda returns! This time with a complete "number makeover" (I've made them more visible, expanded them + removed the naughty little "spots" in the glasses)... Beware of the GeekyPanda Fu!:)) All comments more than welcome...


thanx for the comment on mine! ;) your design is adorable, if i can suggest some improvements for me were: try using photoshop to modify a little your brush-strokes, to make em less "hey its illustrator brushes!", maybe adding some white on the black "holes" (im thinkin of the up left side, from the ear to the border)

and i would make the typography part less chaotic, maybe u don't need to overlay the numbers but using different sizes you can start with very little and ending with big so you would have always the "disappearing" effect...dunno if i am clear :D


Xylo Ionic

Good work, looks better :) I still think a grey shirt would be perfect but that's just me. This is a definite impovement though!


Looks much better! Getting rid of the nose-piece makes it look much more awesome :)

I think I would like the numbers and letters more chaotic instead of being contained in the head's shape. What if you made them explode out onto the sleeve as well? Also, the ear in the numbers and letters is too clean compared to the chaos in the white surrounding it.

Also, the stroke on the top of the head and the ear looks a little too much like an Illustrator stroke, like the other poster said. Maybe if you smudged it a little in Photoshop it might look more like it's part of the spot rather than an outline.

Take a look at mine please?


Thanks guys - your comments are sooo welcome... I'll prepare a new version asap... Cheers!


A cute geeky panda is on it's quest to conquer the world... With smart ideas and a warm, fuzzy feeling... A fighter for peace, a delightful brainiac with a mind-blowing idea...


Hey guys... I've taken in account all of your helpful ideas regarding my fuzzy panda:)... Thanks once more for your support & thoughts... I'll try my best with this version... Time for some Panda Fu!:)

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