Number 8 Dog

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Myra Stuart

Hello! Any suggestions or feedback gratefully received. This is my first ever design I've put up on Threadless.


i think need add some shading on the dog skin .. just my opinion : ) hope you can critique mine : ) OS Friction : Bad Robot


cute dog, but I think you need to work more on the background and his shirt. It would be better if it wasn't so square - maybe try playing around with the pattern, and the combination of the little squares.

Myra Stuart

I definitely agree re the squareness issue, and shading also sounds like a good idea. Thanks!


i see alot of potential in this design, minus the squares. Because what you are trying to express may be the number 8 in the game of pool right? the squares makes me think of the F1 grid, which distracts me away from your intention, if that is yours to begin with. Alot of shading could be applied on the face and the arm.

Also, the arm could be improved, give it more curve. The fingers area is too rigid and squarish in my opinion.

Work on these and it will turn out as an awesome design! Nice try on your first submission!

If you would, could u please help me out? SLURPPY v3

Ru Chery

hahaha this design is great. I really like it. Try adding some highlights and shadows to the design so it could standout more and pop. Try experimenting with different color shirts too. I could see your design on other color shirts like navy blue and etc. Overall great work!!

Again thank for your comment on my design. I really appreciate it.

Myra Stuart

Still a work in progress... I've added some shading and a bit of texture around the muzzle, and got rid of the check for now. Re the number 8, I was actually thinking of those joke fortune telling number 8 balls, don't know whether that needs to be more obvious? I don't mind people taking what they want to from it!


some more detailing would be great and also maybe a background to add some depth. it might also be cool if the pants faded in. great concept, i love dogs.

i need some help with mine check it out if you have a sec


really good design, I love it, the dog's face is awesome and I think that this design has great potential. Thankyou very much for all your comments on my design - I apprieciate it!!

Ru Chery

great work!!! It looks great with the shades and highlights. I agree with the previous suggestions of adding depth and have the pants fade. I think that would look cool. Overall great design. Keep me posted on your other versions so I could look at them.

P.S Thank you for supporting my design with your feedback and comments.I really appreciate it. I just updated a new version of my design. I could really use your help and feedback before I submit it. Please let me know what you think.

Myra Stuart

I've added some buildings, and shown more of his legs (with fading). Still not quite happy with his placement on the photo tee... Suggestions so far really appreciated, and more very welcome!


Yeah a little more detail around the building, otherwise very cool design.

P.S. Thanks for you feedback btw.


Wrong link! I accidentally sent your own link. haha. Here's mine: Fancy Octi

Myra Stuart

A trial of the design on a green tee

Myra Stuart

I've added more detail on the buildings as suggested. Also, to V4 for alternative green version. Many thanks for all your help so far.


really nice that you have different tee colors and added details on the buildings, but i hope the buildings can be seen, like the way we can see it behind the man, can you put it higher or something

thanks for your comment


Hi Myra, nice concept! i think that it needs more integration (excuse my english if i make mistakes) You got at least three different styles in this, the pants , dog face, dog arm and buildings are drawn in different styles. For example, you got a lot of detail in the face but not on the arm or t shirt. The color selection works very well. I hope i don't sound mean ;-)

Myra Stuart

You don't sound mean at all, and I'll have a think about what you've said. I like the cartoon quality of it, and I guess I've added more detail in some places and not in others. With the buildings I was kind of thinking of how in some cartoons the backgrounds are more stylised where the foreground has more shading and so on.. I've always liked that style. I think maybe adding some more detail on the t-shirt might pull everything together better, as that is in the foreground and the centre of the design. Will give it a go.

Myra Stuart

I've experimented with some shading on the dog's tee, but I'm not really sure about it. Have brought the buildings higher and taller towards the shoulder.

Many thanks for all comments.


I prefer V5...I love the idea of dog with an human body...the only thing I'd say is that the shading of the face looks a little wierd. Look up for a picture of that breed of dog and copy the places were the shades "happen" Try it on a dark brown tee too!

Myra Stuart

Ok... Latest version. All comments welcome, especially interested to hear what people think of the different colourways, and whether the altered/additional shading on the dog's face works. Thanks!


Cool! i like the maroon one! shadows on dog's face are ok, if u want put some grey highlights on the black tee, but i think it's ready for a submition, good luck! thanks for comments ; )

Ru Chery

This design is looking really good Myra! I like what you have done with it. I must say though my favorite would have to be the brown and the blue but if I had to pick one I would go with the brown. Only because it your design really look nice on the brown tee, at least I think it does. Overall nice work!!! Keep me posted!

P.S thank you for the feedback on my design in the critique. I really appreciate your help and time that you put into commenting my design. My design is up for voting so please comment and vote if you can. Again I thank you so much for your help.


Im not tooooo sure what the idea means?

I think the head is slightly too big for the body ...? The buildings are good though :)

Myra Stuart

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Ok.... So the dog's head being too big was deliberate - but after seeing a few people's comments on it I thought I'd try a version with the head smaller.

Check out previous version too, and let me know which you think is better!


I like the dog a lot, and I think the design looks better with the buildings than without, but I'm having trouble with the placement right now. They don't extend down as far as they ought to, so it makes them look like they're resting on his shoulder.

Thanks for critiquing my Shark-a-billy shirt, by the way. I really appreciate it!

Myra Stuart

Looking to have a go at submitting this soon, would love to hear any final comments.

Myra Stuart

I've brought the buildings down a bit and tweaked a few things, which I think helps the compostion.


I like it a lot, but I think there's some problem with the perspective of the buildings... I think I'd stretch them down almost to the bottom of the tee, more like the position of the guy wearing the green tee. Then I think you will feel that the dog and the buildings are on the same ground plane...


i love it in the brown t-shirt


Hmm, I like the idea, I read some of the ealier posts, and have to agree that the styles are mismatched, The face looks better, but the jeans stand out too much, try doing it close to the style you have going on with everything else. And instead of adding more bulding or making the longer, would it be possble to make it look like it is going down the street? The visivle arm looks a bit stiff as well, I understand it is a dog, but if his arm can bend around a radio I think you could add a bit more life to the other arm. I hope this helps.

BTW thanks for checking out my design Whoopie Pies


I think it would help the whole comp if you were able to give the circle eight on the shirt some perspective. wrap it around the shirt, wrinkle it, a bit of shadow. It is looking a huge amount closer!


I'd agree with adjusting the 8 a bit. And the jeans stick out too much; unless that's the focus I'd make it more like the style of the rest of the shirt.


I like it, but needs work. To me the styles are crashing: the buildings are clean and neat, the dog face has shading, the jeans have texture-- it's just too much and it's not working very well together. I would pick one way to represent all, eaither clean and neat, with shading, or with texture.

Also the 8 is way too big, and in brown looks waaaaay better! :)

Thank you for your comments!

Myra Stuart

Thanks everyone for their comments!

Looks like perhaps a rethink is in order. Will think about what and how to incorporate of peoples thoughts, and tie it all together. ;-)


Maybe adjust the 8 and add something in the background! Nice work!

please check mine here!

Myra Stuart

New version at last!

I've ended up giving the dog legs and putting the complete figure on there.

Also listened to some of the comments, I've slightly adjusted the 8, put a bench in the background and taken off the texture to attempt to unite the styles. I think the only thing that might make it still look disjointed style wise is the abstract buildings. I like them - but am up for hearing your thoughts on this.

Flick through for close ups on the design.


Thanks for your comments on mine! Yours has come a long way too! I really like the direction you've brought it. The bench brings it to a whole new level! Congrats!


legs are great i still love the brown shirt the most

can you please vote for my designs




May be dog head smaller than this a bit. and left tower look incline for me.

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