Nervous Breakdown

  • by Hyperworm
  • posted Mar 03, 2011

Watch this

Front - nerve system, Back - skeleton, please comment about the design and the presentation.rnThanks.


Fixed some stuff, Please comment about the design and/or the presentation


wow! creepy! why the nerves are yellow/brown? maybe another colour could be cooler...just my personal opinion... otherwise design and presentation are ready...!!!!



The artwork looks good. I like that you have a distinct light source and it all seems very solid and accurate.

After I looked at this a couple of minutes, a thought occured to me. I instantly identified the subject matter because I could see what was on the back and the front of the shirt at the same time. Having the skeleton as reference helped me to put the nerve structure into context. I wonder, if I only saw only the front of the shirt if I would instantly know what I was looking at.

I'm not sure if that's really a shortcoming. I think it all looks great.

Good luck!


same opinion like mezla, good and creepy to the same time, but i don't like the color of the nerves.


Thanks, any suggestions about the presentation, cause i'm no sure about the background and about the black outlining. anyone thinks that the nerves and brain should be the same color? or should it stay as is?


after lokking at it a little bit longer i would prefer like a dark brown red with the nerves. but i like the outlines, it goes good together with the tall views


dUDE THAT IS INSANE!!!! Great job though I would say do an ash colored shirt that would help your design even more but dude clever clever clever and nice execution and linework!!!!!

Please vote and COMMENT on my design :D Here


Great job! may be more line on the brain ;)

Thks for you comment on Invisibleman


for me is a good idea...maybe the brain (add some details) but is a good work


Red nerves, some changes, is the lighter background better or worse? Thanks for the comments everyone!


Wrong file T_T" Fail Red nerves - better/worse? what do you think?

thank you again for all the comments!


this is nerves better...maybe some more brain detail..

Crit Me Please


Great concept! I agree, more brain detail. Good job!

If you have a chance take a look at my critique:ANIMETRIS. Comments and ideas are most appreciated. Thanks!

Ru Chery

Nice design! I really like the concept. I agree with them as well maybe you should add a little more detail on the brain. Is white the only color you using for the shirt? try experimenting with other colors.

Thank you for your comment on my design

I really appreciate it!!


Looks better with red nerves. Whats were the skull is on the front shirt? Good design and idea. Are they the nerves or veins that go to the face?

check out mine if u want

camel games


I like it, but try in a black tee

if you want Green Dog


More brain detail and some minor touches. what do you think? should i already submit this with this presentation?


Decided to change to a yellow background


personally, i like the skeleton image more than the "brains" image.

The background should not be your concern...a strong design is more important than the effect of the background. Much like the effect of a frame to a painting...the painting is of more importance than the frame itsself.

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