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the whole bunch of the nerdberries, created as vector pics. pls help me to let them join the whole world. and some ideas which/ where to place on a shirt. thx =)


Buahaha this is so awesome! Put it on a shirt for us so we can see placement!!!!! Maybe just in the middle chest!

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put it on a shirt template to show u how i guess it should be


Cool design and nice color choices!

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For some reason I'm not catching the reference but the illos are done quite well.


sry, the post above is kinda weird.. the design is a mishmash of english and german in germany a strawberry is an Erdbeere, with the glassees on a Nerdbeere, englisch nerdberrie ,)


clue berry is the best! I would try a "regular"- typeface and maybe smaller. What about eyes and a mouth? You don´t want them?

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Now I got ya, its a fun idea.


@ mezla: i tried to keep the design as simple as possible and i think it looks quite better without any kind of face, but i will give it a try and upload it ;)


great! but you can improve it... you can change the font, or position the fruits and text... =D


No face is cool =) A different typesetting would be interesting!


Cool idea, I agree about a font, maybe try a different font. Other than that I think it looks cool.


i'll try some ;) and the guys who clicked "don't submit": could u pls give me some reasons, so i can make my designs better, would be great ;)


funny :) I like it more with grey backgound...


many guys asked for some other fonts, so now i made a bunch of 5 different kinds of fonts (they are not the final ones, they only represents the groups of fonts i'd like to use):

  • the grundgy one
  • the halftoned / dotted one,
  • the old look one (with fine lines)
  • the technical one
  • the designer one

pls gimme some feedback =)


I really didn't get it until i read the comments, even after i still don't get the names. the illustrations are really nice, and i don't think they need the text at all (unless it's needed for the concept i don't get)

i think the clue berry's font is the best, you should make sure though it's not a copyrighted font. also i would've like the 2 top berries to have a little difference in their leaves.


i've choosen the names as a rhyme for the original ones

raspberry - mat h. berry blackberry - crack berry blueberry - clue berry strawberry - haw berry

i wanted the names fit to the nerdy berries

the most font's i have are free-fonts, but be sure i will watch accuratly before submitting ;)


the berries look cool on the green background nice title - love the distressed font the names don't work for me but I like the idea and the overall look


I don't think you need the berries to have names. If you do keep the names under each berry, they should be one font only and I would not choose the Crack Berry's font, it looks rather thin and that you'd have to be ontop of the wearer to read it. The font for Haw Berry wouldn't be too bad for the shirt and Clue Berry's font seems very Men In Black, like you'd find laptops and electrical devices named in that font. The raspberry and black berry seem to twinlike to me, if they had different glasses it would be more variety.


sry, which font u mean? (i'm german guy) ^^


the top berries actually are twins in my concept ^^


this is the best "free for commercial use" font i found.... very hard to find some, if u have some sites where to find (mainly for commercial use, not only for personal) then pls put them in the comments...

enjoy ;)

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I'm a little confused by this tee, I've read your explanations, but am finding that I'm still not really getting it....

As for the fonts... I think you could do this tshirt up without any type at all and it definitely doesn't need the title on it.. BUT if you must include the writing, I wouldn't use any of those fonts. I would use a simple clean lowercase sans serif font like Helvetica (but don't actually use helvetica, it's a little too obvious)

Otherwise, I really like the illustration style of the berries themselves.


oops as I was posting, you submitted your revision. As for this new font you've got here, I actually like it a LOT better than the other ones you were using.



in german there's a joke telling: which veggie nerds prefer? an napple and a nerdberrie....only cuz u can add this nerdy touch to the words...hope u got ;)




I think that you are better off going with just pictures than with pictures and text. Also, I think the leaves on the top two berries are too detailed and don't match the style of the rest of the drawing. I do the like the colors and the way the berry parts-of-the-berry are illustrated.

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but i like the names so much ^^ spend some hours to find rhymes of the original names... i'll try to change the leaves design ;)

Zombie Abe Lincoln

Nice design. I, too, would get rid of the text. I find the names unnecessary and a little distracting. I didn't understand until I read your explanation. Only one of them has an actual first name (unless crack, flaw, and clue are common German names, in which case I apologize). I think the design would be improved by omitted them.


no they are actually no names in germany too ^^ ok ok, next version without the names...but what about the headline? leave it or kick?


i tried all fonts i liked for this design AND which where free..had a license in the .rar which says NO to commercial use ;)


i think it looks great i would just consider losing the title maybe but i also could live with it :]


so many asked me to, now i lost the title and the names.... does it look better now? worked on the leaves of the two top berries

Albert B.H.C

simple and nice. the design overall looks very clean and neat. the berries are cute and cool.

submit it.


i like it! perhaps move them a little bit closer together? that's it. other than that this is great!

if you have a second later: Tentacle Treat

Ru Chery

Great design!!!! its funny and original great work. I wonder what it would look like on a model. Also try experimenting other shirt colors. other then that good work.

I just updated my design so please let me know what you think of the new version. I could really use your help and feedback. Thank you so much.


A bit adjustment for the white color behind the glasses of lower nerdberries could make them better i think.

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Like the version 2 best, just need to change the typo a bit to suite your illo. Otherwise is nice


i'm thinking of make a collection, with each berry by it's own..perhaps then i can leav the names and the title...i'll try later and i'll try a halftone for the white areas behind the glasses maybe

thx guys =)


cool! i would say if you find something to make em say that maybe is related to their being a fruit ( i don't know...maybe there is an html code or something nerdy that fits with strawberries ;D) it would be great!

btw, will you help me with mine?? ;) thanx!!! :)



Haha I like this, I think it looks better without the type, especially when there's four of them. Maybe by themselves as you mentioned it would look nice with their names below each.

When I look at it, the gap separating the berrys that runs down the centre seems too big, not by much though, it just makes me want to pull the berrys together a little.

What do you think of my designs!? Bring me to life!



cute:) Maybe you would move them a little bit closer each other.

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