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Cool design! I love the style!

If you have a chance take a look at my critique:ANIMETRIS. Comments and ideas are most appreciated. Thanks!


love the style and colors !

chek out my Oldman

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The concept is awesome, the characters are very cool, but the execution needs work. This one is definitely worth putting some time into. I really like what you've started.

If you have a sec, I'd love feedback on mine.


I love the style, and the characters are adorable...but there's something missing. I could ALMOST wildly love it. Argh! Sorry, wish I could be more specific, but I'm just not sure what adjustments might make it perfect... :)


thanks alot for your critiques. what would you change? i kinda overlooked it, so i can't tell... put more shadows in it?

Mr Vela

The characters are so sweet, the desing is nice but i think you must work a little on the perspective.

If you have time vote my KILL THE TIGER

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