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  • posted Mar 01, 2011

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This is design for the Oceanic Preservation Society Contest. Let me know your thoughts!

wawawiwa profile pic Alumni

wow... I really like the concept you have here... with each winning line an animal gets extinct :O

I think the upper panda piece might be to high... and maybe work a little bit more on the polar bear, is that a polar bear? the white one? make it easier to recognize. Aside form that it's looking good :)


Ok, in this version I have lowered the panda on top, eliminated the words "Species Gone!" words and worked on the polar bear. Thanks guys for your comments...

What do you think?


I really like this the only thing I would suggest is moving the design down just a smidgen just a little bit. For me it feels a little awkward with the panda right under the collar


it's a rly smart idea, i love designs with a Pro-Nature background

well done


I like the idea with the message.


very interesting idea, and execution, i really like it, personally i would match the brown colour to the score frame instead of the green, aesthetically, it might serve you better to have a different colour than that green. Maybe not as a design in general, but on a t shirt. rather than that i love it

here is mine, check it out if you have a minute:

pijaczaj profile pic Alumni

Tiger shouldn't be the only one with colors. So I would make another animal in color or cut tigers.


Interesting ideas on the color section. I'll think about it! Thanks guys!


On V.3 I have added a new animal (Cheetah) which helps on the color stability. Also changed the Score panel color to Orange, to win a color for the cheetah. Finally I moved the panda just a bit lower. What do you think??


Do something with the top of the image as tetris was always bordered or had a line at the top im pretty sure. but great work


I like the idea and the message! I played tetris one hour ago ! :)

Well played with the dodos ;)

watch mine


love the idea and the style! and i'm trying to figure out how the last piece would fit perfectly...


so cool!!

i dont think you need the clouds and the row in the bottom

but great work!! the cubic animals are fantastic


I'd probably get this shirt if it got through. How did he do the click to see it on a shirt?

Check out mine if you desire camel games


Really sweet design. Odd placement for the "click" up at the top and I would be interested to see your placement on a tshirt. Would it be the entire shirt? or just a central box on the shirt?

I also agree with tomilee. Not feeling the clouds.


I'm lovin this. I don't think its there yet, i thinkyou need some minor changes that will go a long way. First off, the text on the right side doesn't make that much sense.

Here is what I suggest: Change "next extinct" to "next species or next animal". And take off "last extinct".

Keep "extinct animals" for the score. Change "player us" to "Poucher 1" or "Player 1"

Also, the score and the number of lines don't match, I don't play enough to know what it should be.

Hope that helps, this is a tee id like to wear.


I think it's ironic! I like!


i totally love the idea!! though i agree with taking out the clouds and animals at the bottom :DD


this design would make sense if all the animals stacked up were extinct animals. Think about it...

Ru Chery

Great concept!!! its real clever and funny lol. I think you should leave the clouds and the animals on the bottom out of the design. I think your design will work well without it. I really like your design. i cant wait till its done. great work!!!

Thank you for your comment on my design

I really appreciate it


Wow, great design. I'd love to see it printed (I'd wear it). But, I don't know, futurology ... I think the point is to draw attention to endangered animals that will become extinct. So, the design is supposed to be a criticism of how we humans toy around with animal life to the point of extinction.


Hmminteresting i hadn't thought of it like that, yeah i guess im in the minority, i was trying to preserve the literal aspects of the tetris game in my head.


Ok just keep away the information of Player, Level all that boxes and left the design, because the design speak by itself. Enlarge the animals square. If you want Green Dog

Mr Vela

AWESOME IDEA...tell us when is up!

If you have time comment and vote my KILL THE TIGER


the first version had some of the same animal next to each-other maybe you could put 2 of something somewhere?

it's great already, just that the 2 chimpanzees caught my eye.


Ok, for V.4 I have changed few things upon request that made sense to me.

1.Eliminated the explosion effect on the bottom of the design and moved it all the way down. 2.Added a bald eagle to help a little more on the color combination as well as on the animal selection. 3.Changed the font type to something more similar to the original game style. 4.Eliminated the "extinct animals" words under score and changed "Next to extinct" to "next species". 5.Also changed "player:1" to "poacher:1" 6.and last but not least, added few levels and lines as well.

Thank you so much for all your comments and ideas. They are helping a lot on the final design!

What are you thoughts about V.4?


Maybe make a space on the final row where the panda could fit and finish that row, this could show that they're nearly extinct. Just a thought. Looks really good btw.

Have a look at mine if you want to

camel games



Ru Chery

this really looks great!!! I also love the placement of what it looks like as a shirt. great work!

I just updated my design so please let me know what you think of the new version. I could really use your help and feedback. Thank you so much.


so cool, my favorite version. I really tried to think of feedback, but this looks about ready to sub. I dont play enough tetris to know, but maybe you should find out what a realistic score level and lines should be?


i really like what you've done in your first shirt "Species Gone", it gave a sort of political/social meaning to it to the concept i really liked. Anyway even without is not bad but i will try a way to re use it! ;)

Can you help with my score? -HERE!-

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

Very awesome idea, I agree ready to submit.

Thanks for your comment on mine.


))) It's cool! And I see progress in work. I think it's ready!) Thanks for comment of "Love is...".


Cool design! Submit it. Thanks for your comment for my work:)


:D interesting idea!! I like this version better.

Thanks for your comment :D


Cool! this is the best version for me, i think that placement should be a bit down on the tee, rectangular shape with more animals it's better than a squareshape, the rest it's realy cool. After that submit this!!


this is truly awesome! I think it's ready to submit!

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