So I've returned to Threadless...

So, after about a 6 month hiatus from Threadless, due to not doing so well in my designs, I have returned to find you can now see how your designs were voted on. That's rad. I find it very interesting checking out the stats. Also very alarming at how many zeros are given out! I thought people might be rough voters, but Are people maybe jealous voters? I don't know what would possess someone to vote zero!

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hi, Battle-Cat:) yes, things are changed. In my calculations average score is now fall down for at least 0.20, but it is same for all of us.

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Welcome back! I think lots of people vote for example 5 for I'd wear it and 0 for I wouldn't wear it...I never vote like that because I look at design quality, illustration, talent, effort etc. but in the end people buy these shirts to wear so if they're gonna zero everything else they wouldn't wear it, I'm ok with it although I'd never vote like that... And don't let scores discourage you, just do your thing! I for one know how frustrating is to get sooo many low scores but scores aren't everything, they are really not!


Agree with Battle-Cat, i also don't know how the design will got 0, is it my design really terrible??

I never score 0 to any submission, because I know all designer was spend a lot of effort to complete the design, I'm no exception, so I will give the true and fair score to all design. I also hope all people will give us true and fair score.

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Yeah, we all had those feelings when the system started, it's funny to see we all kind of react the same way :)

But now look at it as a statistical "fact of life" about what you do: no matter how good you or many others think a piece of work on here is, there will always be a few (and sometimes a surprising large number) of people that will 0 a design for whatever reason they might have to do so.

Many of them hopefully truly think because it's legitimately a piece of shit. And that's at least an honest zero, lol.

Also, welcome back! I looked through your subs and apparently scored your extinction for the weak and whistle the highest, so now you know those fact for no apparent reason.


Perhaps it's people who aren't designers who are dishing all those zeros out? They probably don't understand the effort that goes into designing. That, and maybe some hot-headed designers who are jelly of other great designs. I mean, some of best guys and gals here are getting heaps of zeros.....geez.

I do like that you can now see your scores though.

Hmmm. Now to come up a design that just doesn't leave any room for a zero vote!! hahahahaha


wouldn't wear it + bad/offensive concept + bad illo = the zero trifecta for me.

I don't give out a ton of zeros, and I always think twice for dealing out the dreaded 0, but some designs just deserve it.


I have to agree with you Robbino. I will hand one out if it's an abomination. But it's rare, hey.


Welcome back by the power of Grayskull!


Welcome back! I just joined, and swiftly realized that no one is going to vote for my CARE design submission because only members can vote, and no one here knows me yet :(

And about your other blog about people voting 0 - that's just rude. I think maybe the kids who still wet their beds get a kick out of scoring 0.


Aw crap. I just realized I am commenting on a year-old blog. I give up.

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