Typograpgy Surfing

Watch this

at Beach Enjoy the Ocean, Palm, Sun & Surfing rn


I like the idea a lot. Maybe the surfer doesn't need to be in words. It's good. Just missing something to bring it all together.


thankx alot OHea .. will work on it . appreciate your comment


Very cool! so intricate. Maybe mess around with the blue lines that you show in the top image and make them less dominant? Also, show the design on a real tee template? Can't think of anything else.

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Mr Vela

COOL Cool idea, anyway the composition must be changed for me, maybe the beach in front of the Ocean and the sun in the Bkg. It's just an idea. :)

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thankx for the idea ... and your time..appreciate it .. :)

yes sure I have time to vote good luck

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