Electricians always see the positive and negative side of things...My Slogans blog


Electricians always see the positive and negative side of things.

Last time I fought a cold it gave me a bloody nose

11/15/2011Runners often have racy pictures taken.
10/4/2011Last time I fought a cold it gave me a bloody nose
Sep 27I was wearing milk mustaches before it was cool to do so.
Sep 16Everything happens for a reason, Kidnapping happens for a ransom
Sep 7Getting old was much easier when I was younger.

Aug 31In spite of my hard work, Banks just don't give me any credit
Aug 29Alarm clocks often remind me of my least favorite time of the day
Aug 22 My train of thought has a track of its own.
Aug 16Fish are rated on many scales.
Aug 12My conscience is clean, thanks to my short term memory.
Aug 10Last time I saw my imaginary friend we were playing Hide and Seek
Aug 9Eclipse, when the planets play Hide and Seek.
Aug 8Alzheimers, the human's mind cruel take on the Hide and Seek game
Aug 5Pessimists are always optimistic about everything going wrong.
Aug 1If you think I'm hot tilt your head to the left (on tilted text)

July 29Making friends is easy, making real friends is not.
July 19Earthquakes are a very moving experience..
July 15Ancient Sculptors, the original Body Builders.
Jul 14Mondays are every weekend worst enemy
Jul 9Winning isn't everything... there's also the celebration party.
Jul 8Geysers have self steam issues.
Jul 7Alcoholics always see the glass half empty.

Jun 30I enjoy making colorful remarks about rainbows.
Jun 29People that live in the past are usually tense.
Jun 28It must have been a Pessimist who invented Negative numbers.
Jun 27For a thief, all windows are Windows of Opportunity .
Jun 22Thanks to Video Games, it's okay to be a player.
Jun 21Some F words are Fine for casual conversations.
Jun 20I Even Crash Search Parties.
Jun 17Taking the road less travel is the best way to avoid traffic jams.
Jun 16Clowns have big shoes to fill
Jun 15Musicians are not afraid to rock the boat!
Jun 14Vampires love Steak, it goes straight to their heart.
Jun 10Scientific Jargon is the reason Genius is often misunderstood.
Jun 9Nostalgia has turned Phone booths into actual time machines.
Jun 8Nudists eat their food without dressing.
Jun 4Zombies and Cannibals agree: a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Jun 3If money really grew on trees, farmers would be extremely rich...
Jun 2Phone booths are relics that actually act as time machines.

May 31It might be easier to find a job if I just pretend to be a robot
May 26I laugh in the face of danger, on a fearful, nervous sort of way.
May 25I don't fear the end of days, I actually enjoy the night time...
May 24Spring killed the Winter but Summer took the fall.
May 22I LIVE THE DREAM ( my doctor called it sleepwalking )
May 20If it's inside what counts, my inner child better learn some math
May 19Surprisingly, Cannibals did not invented the knuckle sandwich.
May 18Living in the Past doesn't help predict the Future.
May 17There's no I in awesome but there's plenty of ME.
May 15Surgeons are very open minded when it comes to brain surgery...
May 12Sleepwalking, The secret of how to live your dreams.
May 10Sleeping is how I reach my dreams.
May 9Traveling into the future one day at a time...
May 7Poets might call it a walk in the clouds but it's only fog to me.
May 6I tried to bite my tongue but it only made me swear more.
May 5Being late gives me a rush.
May 43D glasses, the coolest way to see things with a new perspective.

April 30Fire Trucks are cool... but Ice Cream trucks are cooler.
April 29Some priests have very dark habits.
April 28Pirates wear eye patches after some treasure caught their eyes.
April 27Why go to the gym when I can buy a 6-pack at the liquor store?
April 25My train of thought makes many stops for entertaining purposes.
April 24Dilemma, it might not spell trouble but it still means the same.
April 22My inner child tells me is OK to talk to myself
April 17I have no beef with Vegans and Vegans have no beef with me.
April 16I usually tell Fortune Tellers to talk to the hand.
April 15 Avoid coming home late at night by returning early in the morning
April 14Time doesn't mean money in my English to Spanish dictionary.
April 13Illustrators know exactly how to draw the line.
April 12The dictionary proved that cleanliness is not next to Godliness
April 11I hide my inner child to avoid paying an extra fare.
April 10I love stuffed animals but not those made by a taxidermist.
April 08Raise your hand if you like to take part in surveys
April 4Algebra, proving that letters count as much as numbers.
April 2Archeology, there's no future In it
April 1Actually, Exercise is a walk in the park.

March 31 Sooner or later... we all learn to love ourselves
March 30Don't let your mind wander off during a Zombie attack.
March 29It's what's inside that counts, I learned this about calculators.
March 28NINJA ATTACK (glow in the dark on black shirt )
March 27Sun, you make my day!
March 26Never let your mind wander during a Zombie attack.
March 25The best spies are those we never heard about
March 24When I have nothing to do, I do it very well
March 23Mimes perform unspeakable acts...
March 22Breakfast always gives me a reason to toast
March 21Finding a fork in the road means the picnic area is nearby.
March 20Photographers are friendly snipers.
March 19

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throws frisbee over the fence as an excuse to come into the blog

I thought it was just me, the percentages have been sucking lately.

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!!mine are dismal

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

Yea I'm happy if I get above 30%


Time to drop type tees entirely and try something else.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

[+duracell-] on Feb 17 '11 at 9:20am Time to drop type tees entirely and try something else.

Someone hasn't notice my 20 plus collabs :-(

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Type tees could be amazing if the right ones were picked, but hardly ever are. The pancakes slogan is truly atrocious and is so simple and is something I'd get tired of in after wearing for ten minutes, and not complete, multi-leveled comedy that would truly appeal to a unique and new audience if Threadless would just go for it and stop with the cutesy Hot Topic-ish slogan shirts.

Even if Threadless drops slogan tees, it's an art form that will survive other places...

People need to stop the random hate sauce on slogans, they don't understand how much talent and thought goes into being able to consistently making even one slogan a day that is full of hilarity/wisdom or both.

Don't worry about the slogan scores dude, at least they're getting noticed now and voted on by a ton of people...like i said, readjust what you consider a good slogan score which to me is anything above 30-35 percent right now.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

short story: I was at a salsa club wearing: Happily ever after is so once upon a time, a cute girl acrros the room was looking at my shirt and after reading the slogan she smile at me ( No, I did not approach her or got her number, I used my powers for good not evil ) anyway, I don't think she would have smile at all if I was wearing the pancake shirt. In fact I don't think I would have been allowed inside the club for that matter.

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

I agree with everything FA is saying ^ I think there are some awesome slogans out there and I'm looking forward to when we can resubmit our top ones. I know there are some people out there whom I'm looking forward to re-voting on their greats. At the moment I'm enthusiastic about how many people are scoring so the lower percentages don't bother me too much. I just hope they start printing some top notch ones soon.


soloyo on Feb 17 '11 at 8:01pm ... a cute girl acrros the room was looking at my shirt and after reading the slogan she smile at me ( No, I did not approach her or got her number...

:( :( :'(


I deleted most of the new ones I added because the scores were so embarrassinly low, even by my ridiculously low standards.


I used my powers for good not evil


Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

hahah that new one is brilliant!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Maltzmania on Feb 21 '11 at 8:19pm hahah that new one is brilliant! Thanks!

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

I also am in favor of the new one.

reags profile pic Alumni

haha today's one is great

soloyo profile pic Alumni

FRICKINAWESOME on Feb 23 '11 at 6:27pm Awww, a Threadless Kid's-friendly type tee!

Yes, I have wanted to make a slogan that could be printed on a kid's tee :-)

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Drills look like cool devices but they are just boring tools. of 44 votes, 20% like it

sad so sad


"Recycling is not Rocket Science, it's more like Plastic Surgery." is doing very well.

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