Passing Rainbow

  • by regisre
  • posted Feb 15, 2011

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Hello everyone!!rnrnThis is my very first design! rnPlease give me your honest opinion.rnrnThank you! =Drn

The Wolfie

Not sure how I like the placement, but the design is cute! I like it on the gray the best C:


Haha, nice. Love the idea, it's great. Though, you might try adding some movement to it. For example, what if you had the unicorn jumping in an arc with the rainbow arching behind it?

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Ahha, I love this design! The placement is a li'l iffy though.. maybe you could have the unicorn on the bottom.. left of the tee, with the rainbows arching upwards towards the upper right sleeve? Just a bit of tweaking with placement, I think. Otherwise, snaaazzy.


I like your design. It look great on gray. I'm not sure about your placement. I support jacckskellington for placement.

It depend on you what way you want to place your with may you get a better result.good luck.

plz check it


I am very thankful with the feedback. I agree that the placement needs work. What do you guys think of it now? Once again thank everyone!

The Wolfie

I like this a lot better! At first, I thought having the rainbow covering the sleeve was a little risky, but this placement has changed my mind. Great job :D


I'm thinkin' you need to arch the rainbow down in to a puddle. Eeeww. Centered as well. Might like to see more detail in the unicorn too.

Make it less Technicolour Rex. You know the market here though.


I do like it, I don't think Threadless can print the colors across the sleeve like that though, I'd check into it, otherwise it is a good design.


I like the design. Good job!


its a good idea, and the design is working, but i think it needs a little tweaking. Maybe angle the rainbow downward? And maybe reduce the size?

if you get a chance, do check out my design which is up for critique. Cranes of Peace


I agree with BlackFlag, it would be cool if the rainbow was more of a drizzle and landed in a puddle. Really like the idea otherwise =].


Or also make the rainbow go around the tee or something more tricky. Personally, don't like when the design invades the sleeves. Just personally. Good idea.


I like this idea instead of the puddle...a unicorn deserves whimsical flatulence ;)

Please crit mine when you have a chanceNatural Aviator.

ben buzzkill

Ha ha, I like the idea. The rainbow crossing under the sleeve is a little awkward though. I'd adjust that if I were you. Good luck!


rainbow on the sleeve isn't working for me. cool idea though

liz littlesky

really good unicorn outline there...

maybe the rainbow can be more 'gaseous wisps' around to the back rather than over the sleeve if printing this will be a prob?

please vote on my sub if you have the time:


Thank you everyone for the critiques! I agree with you that the rainbow over the sleeve might not work, so I finished the rainbow. What do you guys think? Is V3 better than V2?

Thank you everyone!!


I like V2 better, but not with the colors going on the sleeve, the cloud looks too much like a cut off, i think if it was more of a whispy/poof like cloud it would be more effective. Otherwise, I really like the idea and the unicorn illustration is excellent.

check mine out if you have the chance


I agree with malibu on your design, only, I'm not sure I like any cloud at all. I think you could let the rainbow go straight across. maybe put something at the end, something pleasant, girly, unicornish. LOL The unicorn silhouette is great!

Thanks for checking out my design!


I much prefer the rainbow on V2 to this one, though without it going across the sleeve. The brown shirt looks alot better then the gray shirt, the gray just makes the rainbow pop too much in comparison to the unicorn which doesn't pop at all on the gray shirt. I agree with claydog, maybe take out the cloud but add something else to the end or just have it go straight across.

Love the idea though I would enjoy a critique if you have the time? listening to earth

liz littlesky

tee hee...

the little cloud makes the concept more obvious :D

i like both the gray and the brown

i still think your rainbow could be more wispy like fog but your call there - good work!!

my design has been subbed, please vote/comment if you have time:

good luck! x


Dark grey! Great fix. Needs some arc though. Feels more like the cloud is shooting the uni in the butt. Hahahahah.

Tanatphong profile pic Alumni

I thing like V2

For this version I think the rainbow would not be a straight line.

Thanks for comment my Critique


I like it on the brown shirt! But without the cloud and, yes, the rainbow should arc down like a real one.

If you had the time I´d appreciate some critique here. thanx.

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