Yin and Yang Raptors

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I know this isn't an ACTUAL Yin-yang design.. but that's what I'd originally intended on doing. I may end up doing that anyway, if I decide I hate this composition.. but I didn't wanna get too far ahead with this and be told it's a shite idea. So figured I'd get some critique on the sketch first. =D Granted, they wouldn't be blue and orange.. only did that to distinguish one raptor from another.rnI'd LIKE to do them black and white, inverses of each other. But I may decide to go a color route instead yet.rnIn the meantime. HOw do ya'll feel about this idea?


I like the idea, and the placement is not yin yang but it is still nice because it looks original, but i bet yin yang would look as good. I really loved the sketch, lines a very defined and expressive. Nice work you are in the right track, just keep it up! Could you please give me your opinion on mine?Passing Rainbow Thanks and great job!


Thank you for you reply on my design. I tried fixing the placement, could you please check it again to see if it is any better? Passing Rainbow Once again thanks!


i think this is a great idea. the only thing that doesnt really jive with me is that one dino is way smaller than the other. maybe if their tails were on the outside (curled around the circle) they could both be the same size instead of each being curled up so much (if that makes sense). would be cool if they had spots on their back legs so it looked more like a yin yang sign. wicked cool idea keep going!

if you have a minute i would really appreciate it if you scored/commented on my submission You ARE What You Wear it only has 1 day left. thank you!


I think they need to both be the same size but great line art of the raptors you got a good style and shape!! Try a different set of colors to really bring it out!

If you could pleaaase comment and score that would be awesome! Clouds Lose Water Weight!


I think in order for them to be yin and yang one raptor needs to look evil-er than the other...perhaps give one spikes/ quills?

please score mine


Thanks so much for the feedback so far guys!

I think I'm definately going to make onea the raptors look more eeeevil than the other, I really llike that idea. I'm also still going to play around with their placement for a while yet, but.. I did have one idea. I was thinkin' instead of two raptors, perhaps have some sort of herbivore and a raptor? I dunno. Just an idea to think on.

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