Logistical Issues - Now Volkswagen talk!

Okay, I have to work this out on paper and I thought you all could help.

There's this object that I want badly. It is no longer made and pretty hard to find. There is an updated version but I don't like the redesign and will settle for nothing less than the original.

I have found several on ebay and lost the last four auctions. I want to pay around $100 including shipping but my maximum bid has been outbid every time.

There are currently three that I have a possibility of getting today, with varying pros and cons.

Item 1: From ebay, in great condition, cost = $145 but no shipping as I can pick it up semi locally and only spend about $15 in gas. I have spoken with the seller and he will accept a buy it now price. It come with accessories I don't want so I can possibly resell the rest and get most of my money back.

Possible final cost +/- $50

Item 2: From ebay, in pretty good condition, bidding stands at $36 with 4 hours to go, but will skyrocket toward the end and there's no guarantee that I'll win it.

Possible final cost +/- $120

Item 3: From craigslist, in poor but repairable condition, cost = $20 plus shipping. While it is craigslist I have spoken with the seller and it is a reputable business, albeit out of state.

Possible final cost +/- $40

I think Item 1 is my best bet, but should I wait to see if I win Item 2 before committing to it? There's no guarantee I'll be able to resell the accessories but it's a very strong (90%?) possibility. Item 3 is a last resort but still a better option than nothing.

Any thoughts?

Watch this

1 logically seems the smartest. Unless you fancy repairing this item, in which case 3 would make more sense.



I just got a call from the seller of item 1. She can meet me even closer and in about 2 hours.

Decision made!


Also, thanks Stile!

It was the direction I was leaning but I really needed to talk it out.

I'll post pics when I get it installed.



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WHAT WAS IT??? The suspense is killing me!

ebay trick that usually works for me: -find the item listed with the lowest traffic, and then just watch it like a hawk–make sure you have a solid internet connection and that the page has been refreshed, start bidding with like 30 seconds left


It was this old school fairing. I got the roof rack for Christmas but now that it's nice enough to drive with the sunroof open the whistling was driving me batty. Now it's less than a whisper!

I paid the $145, used about $15 in gas. I was telling my mechanic about it and he's trading me the unneeded accessories for $150 in VW parts.


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hah just saw this! one of the parts he's trading you going to be a new VW nose badge? that was the 1st thing i replaced when i got my car


I've actually got one, but on the aero 7 slat grilles they came in black. I'll look for a closer up picture.


So, I'm selling the VW now. I'll miss this car badly.

Also, hello there.

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