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  • by helldozer
  • posted Feb 14, 2011

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Howdy all. This is a modification from my previous critique Chance of.... I've renamed it to suite the new image.rnrnThank you all for your suggestions and critiques. For all of those who have critiqued my "Chance of..." design, thank you. rnrnIs this a better direction than previously?


Once again, I'm not sure if this design works well. It has more direction than I had previously, but I'm not sure if it's enough.


I still love the design, I do like the weather having more emotion. Can't help but this this would look better on a different color shirt though...maybe.

Check mine out when you get a chance WHOOPIE!! Pies


I remember you first design. Loved that one, and this is even better. Would love to see it on some different shirt colors, like InaCostume said, but I'd want to see it just to see how it looks. I think it's great on this color, it makes it look retro like the style. Thanks for your comments on my critique.


this looks amazing. I'd love to see shirt colour options, and the placement. :)

if you get a chance, do check out my design which is up for critique. Cranes of Peace


Ok, here is a different color version. Thanks all for your positive feedback, appreciate it. :)


I think this color may be better than the previous.


I agree with the strings needing to be thicker! The cloud in the middle is not cute enough in my opinion. It needs more attention, maybe change the face a little or spark the eyes...

I'd appreciate your thoughts of my seeker!


I agree to thicken the strings up a bit. I'm starting to recognize your style right away, it's very cool. Nice job!

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A comment would be extra awesome!


This is very cute! I agree with the comments about straightening things up. Have you considered placing it somewhere other than the center? It might look nice a little smaller and offset (you might need to rearrange some of the elements of the illustration though). Good luck! Please let me know what you think of mine: Quilted Dreams


I agree, thicker strings and fill in those little circles at the joints. That would improve it. Very cool style wd.


Here is an updated version per your suggestions. The only thing I can't get right now is trying to offset it. I'll have to work with that.



Seems done to me! Good luck with it!


Thanks Ornaart, appreciate it.


I think the only thing that needs to be changed is the cloud for some reason it needs to have detail like the others more fluffy and with some shading on him! But dude this is an awesome design and well worth the time and effort I just think a little more on that middle cloud and it will be golden and ready for sub. Speaking of clouds mine has one too :D

If you could score and comment that would be awesome :D

How Clouds Lose Water Weight!


Thanks for the feedback.

Here is an updated cloud.



Looks like I may need to nudge this up on the shirt more. :/


Anyone think this is getting close to being something that might print?



I'm not sure how I feel about the lightning, tornado, and may be the flames off of the meteor.

Any suggestions, or do you all think those are fine?


Diffinatly the best so far, Might have a good chance if displayed on a baby grower aswell when submitted, which i think its ready for! the flames on the meteor look brilliant, wouldnt change them. how would a blowing mouth on the tornado look, might work!? Could you look over mine Those Little Piggys, The Jumper, cheers.


Thanks for the suggestions. I've updated it with the ones you made.


Bryn Abbott

This has developed nicely, and this latest one is looking great! I'd buy it. The only thing I'm not sure about is the skyline with the tornado, I don't think it needs it. The whirl and the puffed cheeks says enough. Apart from that, great job!

(ps thanks for your comments on mine!)


Thanks Bryn, I agree. That line by the tornado needed to go.

Great feedback, thx.


Please, if you check needs work or don't submit...please let me know why? I'd like to modify this if needed.

If it's not something that will print, I don't want to waste anymore time on it.



I had to do one last tweak to a couple of things.



Fun stuff, you should look into making it in the physical world too.

(I'd love your thoughts on this. Threadless staff booted me back and I'm not sure why. I dig the simplicity!)


Thanks let5ch, appreciate it. Might not be too hard creating a physical version, not sure. :)

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

Haha very awesome idea!! I can see this get printed difinitely!!

I think you've done all you need to! I personally liked the single tooth hanging out on the cloud but this way is fine too!

Great job hope to see it submitted soon!


Ok, I think I'll give this a few and see if anyone has any more suggestions. If not, I think this is the version I'm going to submit.


Thanks again to everyone who tolerated both threads and provided excellent feedback. :)


I absolutely love the style and simplicity of this! I would buy this as is! Maybe add some color around some of each of the objects? Like the color of the fire around the meteor. It will make it pop a lot more. Great job I love it!

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I love this design! I would like to see it on a heather grey background or light grey. I feel then the other colors would stand out more. I find it hard to see on this current soldier blue backdrop.
I miss the original tornado's mouth. It was really funny. Tornado's are menacing and the original mouth was perfect in displaying that.

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Woot! Thanks all for your feedback, it was excellent.

This is up for scoring.

Score: Mobile Weather


ALLWORK82: Thanks, appreciate it. :)

If you have a moment and want to, it's up for scoring. Thanks!

Up for scoring: Mobile Weather


Just from comparing the feedback and scores to other designs that have been printed, I'm not sure this one will.

That said, does anyone have any suggestions for my future designs? For example, maybe this one didn't have solid enough content etc.



Thank you all for your scores and positive feedback, appreciate it.

If you have the time and wouldn't mind, please check this out for scoring, this is the last day of scoring: Mobile Weather


Very cool!! Love the 50's kinda style you gave to the characters.

Please comment & vote $5 for my: MOSAICRED HEART. Most appreciated! :)


great job. these colors work really well.

Print Is Dead comments/suggestions are much obliged.

Mr Vela


Zombie Abe Lincoln

Pretty good score. Hope it gets printed!

Please drop me a score and a comment: STRIKE!


Thanks all, appreciate.

Thanks Zombie, scored yours! :) Nice work.

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