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Punky Rooster

Watch this

the cock really are punk man! love it

check my SKULLPUNK too!


nice illo~

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great drawing!

deep space monkey
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I like the title a lot, unfortunately threadless printed a design with a punky chicken a couple years ago...


True, the first comment here pointed that out how this design is a similar concept, but it was unbeknownst to me. However, this is a totally different style and execution. I think it’s good to point out for the threadless community that it’s okay to “rework” ideas, whether it’s intentional or not. Take a look at the shirts that threadless actually has printed in their store and count, for example, how many tyrannosaurus rex’s or whales you might see. Or, compare these two: bird 1 and bird 2. Paul Rand, one of my favorite designers said it best, “don’t try and be original, just try and be good.” Just something to think about, I get off the soapbox for now :-)

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I like this lots. Love the colors, love how it sits on the tee.


cool!! nice punk rooster

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Yo dat chickin need a napkin son!


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