100% Wool

  • by kozy
  • posted Feb 11, 2011

Watch this

Should I knit more ? Leave your comments, please!


sweet idea! perhaps try out different colour for the tee?

if you had the time, it would be nice if you score and comment on me in the box! thanx.


I really like this idea! And I agree that there shouldn't be any more knitting, it's actually a perfect amount. I like the gray background, I would like to see a different color to see how that works as well.

liz littlesky

agree with the above comments,

this is very cute, i love the stylized sheep and the 'worn' look of the design... love a nice gray tee, also looks good on the sand as per the close up in the background... i think this will work on many different colors...

good on you - submit i say!! x

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