SanFrancisco Surprise [not as dirty as it sounds]

Hey so hi everyone.

I just moved to SF, and on my way home from groceries tonight I saw some familiar looking guys across the turned out to be Craig Shimala and Charles Festa!! They were very cool and it was neat to run into some threadlebrities and be reminded of you guys.

So hi Threadless! It's been a while, how are you?

Watch this

Whoa, they're in SF right now? Crazy!


on a related not craig and charles secret mission to thwart spies in SF has been SCRUBBED.


oh that is pretty cool. is craig as tall as he seems?

Lucretia Mott

Yeah it was kind of surreal.. I'm not used to seeing anyone I know in this city, let alone people I knew from several years ago on the internet.

Craig is pretty tall, taller than I for sure... but it wasn't something I actually noticed that much. Weird eh?

cshimala profile pic Staff

Great running into you!


YES!!!! That was freakin sweeet!

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